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  1. I might get it done by either Billy Darr @ Alameda Tattoo or Rich @ Delta Art & Tattoo. Both are really good artist at good reputable shops. think i am going to go with a NeoTraditional style. throw a shark in there with maybe a ship wheel or ship or squid. somthing like that. once again, i am a metal fabricator, not an artist... so i usually leave the design part up to them.
  2. I have always liked both. i really like the "flash style" with some unique filler. but nothing that takes away from the individual pieces. this is a cool idea with like fishscale filler. (not my tattoo)
  3. YES! I am learning alot on here! finding some cool inspiration to come up with a good original idea to add to my rib-cage piece. if anyone has idea please let me know!
  4. ok cool thanks. ill check it out.
  5. Would you consider my anchor traditional? I feel like traditional looks a little more cartoonish. What would you call the style my anchor is?
  6. Ya forsure! I think im gonna check out Alameda Tattoo. One of my friends has gotten alot of great tattoos from there. i just wanted a few ideas before i go in and talk to them.
  7. Thanks. Bay Area in California. I really want to add to it. with more traditional stuff. sparrow/roses/ship/waves/fish.... somthing like that. i just need some inspiration and idea from people with a more artistic mind then mine.. lol
  8. What do u needs help with?
  9. I have an anchor tattoo on my ribs. It was my first. And i want to add more to it. Keep it traditional. But i wanna add color. I like the modern spin on traditional. I need ideas how to incorperate them. Im not an artist by any means! Please shoot your ideas. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys. Ive read quite a few forums here. Figured its time i join. Have a couple tattoos ready for more.
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