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  1. I'll take that advice thank you. Nice to even think maybe it won't be that bad in the end. I'll find the appropriate place to post when and if it gets worked on further. It's my second ankle done and I really loved it, on day one. I don't have a third so hopefully I can continue to like it in the end.
  2. I guess I'll have to look into cover ups, but that's a lot of black ink to somehow cover. It's about 10x6. Hard to see that working unless I want an even bigger blacker tattoo, which I don't. I'm getting a bit angry, "call in a few weeks for an appointment".
  3. Thank you. Healing first for sure. I'll have to think about how to handle this though. I had this done at one of the best, if not the best place in my city. There's a thought of they did it they should fix it, from a monetary point of view. But the fix, what maybe turn my clean line tattoo into some blotchy watercolor POS? I like color but not randomly scattered blobs. Yeah heal and let my attitude settle I guess. Maybe someone here will have suggestions about what would improve it best once it's healed.
  4. That's a point no doubt. Underestimated the thin delicate quality of my skin I gather. Leaves me a bit confused about what to do though. It's a fair sized piece and I'd hate to leave it looking like this. Yet wouldn't like it looking even worse.
  5. I heard back from my artist, he confirmed it's blowout which I already knew from you guys, just didn't want to know 😞 He said he should have used a different needle setup, was really apologetic and decent about it. Going in a few weeks for fix attempts. I guess thicken some lines, add color around it? Not what I wanted but what I got.
  6. Hard to think it's my skins although I know it's a tricky area. I have a big piece on the other leg that extends far onto my foot, perfect lines. Rotten luck I guess.
  7. Awful news. I was afraid of that but had hopes. It's a simple memorial piece for a much missed friend Ilost last week and it ending up like this just sucks. Good artist at a shop my daughter goes to regularly. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I've asked about this in the intro thread and the consensus there is blowout. I thought maybe experienced saniderm users might have some extra insight. I always heal with saniderm but haven't seen this before. I am prone to dry skin so I've hoped this could be staining from the ink and plasma under the derm the first 36 hours. I took this pic when I had to wash and change it after a little dirty garden work. Tats on my ankle/calf, done Friday. Anyone ever have staining from marinating in ink juice under derm, or shall I resign myself that this is extensive blowout?
  9. Thank you. Is ankle and calf skin typically extra thick? I wouldn't have thought I had especially thick skin, but then again how would anyone know?
  10. Thank you I'll do that. Here's hoping the next wash will see it fade.
  11. Outside upper ankle area to lower calf. I took off the derm today and washed it twice with antibacterial soap, reasonably vigorously. Like I said I haven't seen it on my other tats either. There was lots of black fluid under the derm so I've been hoping! its just staining. Hard to imagine that complete a blowout. It's everywhere. I'm a bit nervous.
  12. I always understand the 10 post rules but rather than clutter up the forums with useless replies I guess I can ask here? New tattoo Friday, been under saniderm until today(about 36 hours). Had a leak with potential contamination so I washed and changed it. Does this look like some staining or blowout? I've healed under saniderm before and didn't notice staining like this. I am prone to dry skin being over 40. Thank you for any replies.
  13. I've been lurking to learn for awhile but just now joined because I have a question about a new tattoo.
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