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  1. Oh I'm so sorry!!! As I was typing my last post a little voice was saying "never assume gender" but I did anyway ahaha, my bad! PS i just saw your tat on the other page and it looks great! And yes it is a relief thank you!!! Edit: I just realised the tat on the other page wasn't yours you were just responding to it ahaha, pls ignore
  2. I've figured out what may have happened! Firstly thank you Hollie (LOL grumpy bums ahahaha) and Queen Rocks for being understanding unlike the others here who are so quick to jump to assumptions like "I didn't spend time researching the right artist" - my artist has a wonderful reputation or that "I didn't do a quick search" lol as if I would be here if there was a any information out there about tats that darken instead of lighten during healing, which there isn't. Someone on another forum where I posted the same question (without anyone who jumped straight to "wait and see and stop
  3. I have larger pieces and have never had this happen before. Even my tattoo artist has admitted it is strange that it looks darker, but that only time will tell. I was just asking if anyone else has experienced the same, there's no need to be antagonistic
  4. Thanks, as I mentioned I guess the help I was looking for was words of advice from anyone who has similarly experienced their tattoo getting darker as it heals so I can either feel better as I wait, or at least mentally prepare for the possibility that it will remain dark forever
  5. That's a good point my arm does look more brown. I wonder why. Definitely haven't been tanning or in the sun, it's winter here so we're all rugged up. Btw I'm Sri Lankan so I'm naturally dark-skinned, strange that the colour looks so different in the shots. Maybe the lighting was different...
  6. Re your blow out: ohh i see. To me it's barely there, looks like a faint bruise. The tat itself looks great btw! Re advice about the tattoo artist: thanks, you're right I should wait at least until it's fully healed before getting the big one done. I might reschedule then and hope it doesn't hurt her feelings too much. Not my first tat, had a few other small ones from a few years ago that lasted well, but they were from overseas.
  7. Thanks for pics! Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any blowout at all, no difference between first day vs a few weeks later. Hope mine will settle too. I'm still on the fence about getting a bigger tattoo with same artist, maybe I should wait for this one to heal first. PS I changed my pic so it's a before and after shot so the darker shading is more obvious.
  8. Thanks so much for your reply! Yeah it's still healing, some parts are raised, some parts flaking and other parts shiny. It's a relief to know it's not definitely blow out. Strange that it got darker though right? You're right I should just let it heal. I have plans to get a bigger tattoo on my shoulder, I booked a spot with the same artist and I'm not sure now whether I should go ahead with it.
  9. Hi Lilu can I ask what your tattoo looks like now? I have a similar problem with my new tat
  10. UPDATE: Solved. Turns out my tat was darkening in places because my skin as a whole was having a mild allergic reaction to the ointment that the artist recommended and have now switched creams. I will leave this here in case it helps anyone with a similar issue. Hi everyone, I got a floral tat on my arm exactly a week ago. (The little turtle in the middle has been there for a few years, the flowers around it are new.) Fresh out of the chair the shading was light and perfect. But three days later I noticed the three flowers closer to my elbow were getting darker - specifically that th
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