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  1. Here you go, not sure if I am allowed to link to websites I may not get in with this guy for 6 months, his father can get me in on the 14th so booked in then for a initial design work and extended consultation. His fathers work (bottom) is more traditional
  2. Some good news, found a artist who will take the work on, I will have to accept a compromise on the original work. But he is going to extend it as a half sleeve and hide a lot of the inconsistencies. Estimated around 6-8 hrs work. It will be two sessions, first one will be the 14th after a cancellation opened up a slot. I was offered a full cover up, but it would be a very dark piece which I don't really want. The original artist has now offered me a full refund, while it helps its still not a great situation.
  3. Hey I am not offended in anyway, taking any and all advice i can
  4. Thanks for the replies, I am pretty annoyed by it all, but gotta accept some responsibility myself. Considering getting it blacked out then white over the top to start fresh if I can't find anyone to fix it as it is. I agree with you all, there isn't one straight line the more I look at it... Off to see some people today will feed back and let you know how I go
  5. Thank you all for your comments, it just affirms what I thought. I have sent pictures and the original design to another artist that has a good reputation locally, and a fairly long waiting list, hopefully is a good sign. As much as it's disappointing I guess it's as much my own fault for not being more diligent. I have a day off tomorrow, I will see.if I can get a couple of consultations as well as what I have lined up already
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    Hi Some advice, sry fat fingers
  7. Thank you, I have made Contact with someone else to see if they can fix it of cover it. I queried the original artist and was told nothing was wrong, I won't be going back, it looks scribbled on and nothing like the original artwork the more I look at it. I am pretty disappointed...
  8. Thank you for the reply, don't apologise I need honesty so I can take appropriate steps to get it sorted. I guess the question is can it be corrected during shading? There seems to be too many inconsistencies in the line art. While it follows the original design it doesn't look right and is a bit small for my arm. As I say other work looks great I don't understand what happened, it took around 2.5 hrs to complete the outline.
  9. Just got my first tattoo yesterday which is the beginning of a half sleeve Polynesian tribal. I am really disappointed in the quality of the line work. I was told it's just a temple for now and the shading will correct it. I checked out other work done by the artist and it looks fantastic, this just looks rushed, however, I don't know any better. Before I consider finding a new artist to try and fix it any thoughts would be great.
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    Just saying hi from the UK. Looking for done advice and help
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