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  1. I agree, do a little research to see who in your area works well in this style. Seems like a lot of it could be cleaned up, if you don't want to go the route of removal.
  2. I tried hush gel once because it was given to me, and I wanted to be informed about it. I used it on a very small tattoo, and it seemed to work pretty well. I have heard about it being way worse in the long run though.
  3. My guess would be it's a combination of multiple factors. I have noticed rotary machines have a little more discomfort for me personally but heal really well... Also the style of tattoo, and location getting it can be a factor.
  4. Anytime people being baked goods in our shop we're happy. We're all fat kids at heart. My all time favorite tips were a ton of fireworks, and a military coin given to me from a colonel.
  5. I found a couple of mine on there. When I clicked on the images it says page not found. Does this mean they may be back tracking?
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