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  1. Update on this - the gnarly section did heal pretty poorly, but nothing that we can't touch up. One more session left, which will include fixing the damage done to her gun section. I love how this is turning out
  2. Looks like an allergy to me. I'm allergic to fabric softener, and that is exactly what my skin looks like when I'm exposed to it. That first picture after tattooing where its super red... was it red like that before the artist started their work? Tattooing on top already aggravated skin probably wasn't the best idea, but based on your followup picture it appears to be getting a little better. Try taking a benadryl or something and see if the redness and itching gets better. I've never had a tattoo look like that, and my itching never starts until the peeling phase. Any medical advice you get from a forum could be bogus and likely won't put your mind at ease anyway. I would talk to a doctor to rule anything bad out, and to put your mind at ease.
  3. For the horde! Maybe it's just my monitor or the lighting in the photo, but that looks grey to me.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. My artist basically said the same thing. It looks/feels a bit better today. Those secondary scabs are starting to solidify and aren't constantly leaking lymph fluid each time give it a gentle wash. For reference, here's what the job looked like right after the session. I hope it heals okay, and if not I can always get a bit of a touch up in that area. The rest of it is healing pretty normally.
  5. Here's another picture. The previous one is harder to see. Not easy to snap pictures at this angle 😅
  6. Hi all. Just recently had some color work done on my half sleeve. This particular area was scabbing pretty hard because he had to do multiple passes for shading. My other sleeve had very minimal scabbing, possibly because I had color and shading done in separate sessions. In any case, the area was scabbing pretty good despite following my usual aftercare routine. Yesterday when I was walking back to my room, my cat darted under my feet and sent me falling into my door frame. I smashed a scabbing section of the tattoo against the wall pretty hard and it ripped off a number of the scabs. The skin underneath immediately started bleeding in a few spots. Not heavy bleeding, but spotting pretty good. I immediately washed the area with antibacterial dial gold and have been doing my best to keep the area clean and trying to leave it alone. The area is a bit tender, but isn't overly warm (a bit warm, but nomoreso than the other areas that are healing fine) or red. The torn area under the ripped out scabs bleeds a bit and leaks mostly clear lymph fluid. Each time I gently wash it, I get a bit more blood spotting on the paper towel, like the newly formed scabs (where the old scabs used to be) keep cracking. I'm trying not to over moisturize, but I don't want it to dry out and constantly crack. It looks pretty gnarly now. Any advice on how to heal this up properly? I've just accepted that this is probably going to heal poorly and will require touching up, but I've never dealt with heavy scabbing, let alone having them ripped off early.
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