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    Hello! I'm Doozer I am 19 years old and I have always been fascinated with tattoos. I am new to the tattoo world but I am already hooked!
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    Art, frisbee golf, science, history, outdoors
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    Full time student

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  1. Yes it is! just got some color added to it last Friday! Here's a pic (still got to get some background shading added) image_-_version_2_thumb.jpg

  2. Doozer


    Doozer from the Show Fraggle Rock
  3. Dude is that a Fraggle Rock tattoo?!

  4. Hey all! posted on here not too long ago and showed ya my very first tattoo. I got a Doozer from the show fraggle rock on my ribs from Josh at Lucky Rabbit in Muncie, IN. it's all outlined right now and i just wanted opinions on whether or not to put color and same shading into to make it pop. I love the tattoo how it is now but i just feel like it could use some more to really bring it out. any suggestions would be appreciated. here's the tatto:
  5. This article makes me even more thankful for my mom. Mine probably would have freaked more if it wasn't for 3 of my siblings already having tattoos :P
  6. I got my very first this past Thursday! I planned it out for a while and finally pulled the trigger. It's a Doozer from the show Fraggle Rock. I got it because that's what all of my family calls me and it's just who I am. I went with the ribs, pretty nice spot to start my tattooed life with! My artist was Josh from Lucky Rabbit (Muncie, IN) and he did a bad ass job!
  7. Thank you all for your input thus far! And DJDeepFried thats funny you should say that because i was looking at possibly getting this:
  8. Hello everyone! I have my appointment on Thursday for my very first tattoo and I couldn't be more excited about it! I'm getting text that reads 'i believe' in alienese (the language from the show futurama). I drew up the design myself and was just wanting some input from tattoo enthusiasts and artist about if it would translate into a good tattoo. The big 'm' looking symbol is 'i' and i incorporated 'believe' into the curvature. I plan on getting it on my inner arm (bicep). Thank you!
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