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  1. I've never been happy with this octopus the whole "nose" thing is weird
  2. I just noticed the booty crack!
  3. disgusting - - - Updated - - - I covered up her booty for the safety of others. ;) you are welcome
  4. I use a few sleazy dating sites, there are SO many guys that put up pictures of crappy tattoos on their body.. It's like, thanks for the warning!
  5. Unfortunately, he has lots of living to do with that thing! If I remember correctly he was around 23ish
  6. This was a picture someone posted of themselves on a dating site....he is proud of it :D
  7. Here is my latest tattoo...18 days later. Is this the most color I will ever get to stay for my elbow? bent, relaxed, close up bent
  8. I was 18 when I got this. I wanted something dainty. He drew it directly onto my foot, I looked at it and off he went.
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