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  1. Tux Farrar Tattoo | Tattoo Tux Has Devoted His Heart And Body To Art - Baltimore Sun I read this article today and thought it was pretty cool. Sadly theres no photos of his work if anybody has any they'd be willing to share that'd be awesome. if this has already been posted my bad.
  2. yeah it should be great I've never been out of north america so I'm really excited. I'm definitely gonna try to see if jondix has any time.
  3. Hey so my closest friend is getting married next year in madrid, we were kicking around the idea of getting tattooed while we're there any suggestions for shops/tattooers or any of the surrounding areas worth checking out.
  4. Yeah man I got that huge devil we got a lot done over the last 4 days.
  5. starting my back on tuesday with Eddy Deustche, been waiting all summer for this extremely stoked that its finally time to start.
  6. Im getting a Hannya with fire on my stomach. What did you get?
  7. So I just booked an appointment with Eddy Deutsche In March, Im beyond thrilled. Who's else has been tattooed by hi? He seems like a really cool dude on the phone. post pics or story's. My friend Rick got a half sleeve by him in the early 90's of some demons and some H.R Giger stuff that looks awesome still, Ill post a pic when I see him later today.
  8. I wish i had that book, how many page? I just got an old shirt with the nightmares dream drawing on it ill post it soon. I still want a tattoo of the image on that John Gibson Zorlac deck. http://skately.com/shop/p/zorlac-gibson-stinger-skateboard-deck-10-x-3025-white
  9. This might be the wrong place for this post but if people have pushead tattoos post em, or anything pushead related for that matter.
  10. ive been tattooed by Mario desa (multiple) Brian Bruno Jef Whitehead (multiple) Dan Santoro Aaron Colemen (multiple) Steve Byrne Nick Rodin Joe Hasch Timmy Tatts Jay Chastain Tracy Martino Matt Wes (multiple) Isaiah Comacho some dude in mexico city a few stick and pokes from when I was 15 from friends.
  11. I feel like A lot of people I talk to don't know Brian Bruno, he's my favorite current tattooer. He did a half sleeve on me from wrist to elbow and it came out perfect. http://absolutearttattoo.net/artwork/1807494.html
  12. midwestern dudes that really blow me away are Josh Arment, Brad Fink, Mario Desa, Jef Whitehead(even though he's a bay area dude),Katie Sellergreen and Tim Beck.
  13. rightbrigade


    My names Bryan I live In chicago. Ive been lurking this site for a while and figured I should start posting besides getting tattooed I enjoy record collecting 70's/80s' horror and exploitation films and comic collecting. If anyone on here is into trading punk records/movie posters/prints/pushead stuff hit me up.
  14. My uncles and cousins had pretty typical black and grey chicano tattoos that I remember thinking where really tough/cool as a kid, but when I went to san francisco in the mid 90's with my Mom I remember walking past some punk kids who had color tattoos and was completely blown away.
  15. I got my first tattoo in mexico city when i was 16. I was visiting my family and I went with my cousin to some weird street shop that had a lot of really cool flash looking back on it. I got a tiny sick of it all dragon on my chest which is now covered.
  16. BEST PIZZA | 718 599 2210 | 33 Havemeyer Brooklyn NY, 11211 go here pizza is amazing. Get tattooed at smith street, all their hand painted flash is awesome. go get drunk/weird at the pyramid club.
  17. He showed me it was way cool he also had a really cool one on his upper thigh from him that was just solid black.
  18. http://www.flickr.com/photos/87380848@N06/7999917286/http://www.flickr.com/photos/87380848@N06/7999912529/got this from Whitehead last night, he added those finger waves too. one of my favorite people to get tattooed by, he has some amazing Higgs pieces on him.
  19. Im getting tattooed by Jef Whitehead today, in january im planning on starting my back with Brian Bruno.
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