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    I tattoo in E Boston now at Wave n Pave Tattoo
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    Mansfield MA
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    Family life, Painting, Tattooing, Martial Arts, eating... I love me some eating.
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    Tattoo Artist

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  1. Wow, super clean! This guys def good for some insperation. Thanks now I feel like all my BnG work sucks!! lol
  2. Hey hows it goin!! Those look like some pretty nice thigh pieces you got going on there. ^___^
  3. EricB


    Watercolor Eric Brunelle Wave n Pave Tattoo
  4. I'm def not covered but I tattoo, I have my chest done left shoulded and a ton on my legs which are covered up in the winter. I just don't have the kind of money I need to get the ones I want. Plus being in MA theres only a handful of artists that I want to get tatted by. I totally agree with everyone on here though. If you are a tattooer then you should have tattoos, the best way to learn and gain experience is from getting tattooed. It also helps us understand what are cleint is going through. So we can better address pain management problems when needed.
  5. Hahahahaha Thats a pretty nice tat tho... I def think it's intentional too.
  6. EricB

    cobbler painting

    Cobblers ROCK!!
  7. EricB

    dragon watercolor

    Dragon Watercolor
  8. EricB


    Done by; Eric Brunelle Wave n Pave Tattoo
  9. EricB

    Caged Heart

    Done by: Eric Brunelle Wave n Pave Tattoo
  10. EricB

    Demon Goat

    Eric Brunelle Wave n Pave Tattoo
  11. EricB


    Done by Eric Brunelle Wave n Pave Tattoo
  12. I know!! when its slow @ the shop sometimes we check out whats new just for shits n giggles. Def good for a laugh! Someone I work with posted "whys be that sock on that bible" under a faux name hahahahahaha!!
  13. It's our job as tattooist to be knowledgable about what will hold up over a longer period of time. When someone comes into the shop to get tattooed it's not for today or tomorrow or next year. IT'S FOR THIER LIFE... If I saw a tattoo 5 yrs down the road that looked like shit because I put way to much detail in and it didn't hold up. I would be disapointed with myself and change the way I look at what I've been doing. Both articals make very good points, and Dan feels like that for a reason. It's cuz hes seen his tats 8 yrs down the road and hes not happy with the outcome. We need to learn from others experiences to elevate the industry as a whole
  14. Honestly it's so true. Theres this guy in E Boston who tats outta the house near my shop and he does EVERYTHING right in the skin with NO stencil or marker drawing. He has a pic of some old english on someones chest. It's horrifcally crooked. He even made his own style "primitive style" he does ALL the shading with a liner!! LOL it's so bad, but 100 dollar sleeves aren't!!! LMAO! Paul Mucci check him out... You might wanna set up an appointment lol! ^___^
  15. Have you guys heard of Big Doggz in RI. Take a look @ this guys cover photo. hahahahahaha Talk about BAD! Chris Crinkle fanbase - South Bellingham, MA - Author - Photos | Facebook
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