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    Tattooing in Provincetown since 1991, Kris has worked in the Czech Republic (PES Tattoo - Prague), New Orleans (Aart Accent) and Philadelphia (Philadelphia Eddie's Chinatown). Now residing year round on the Outer Cape Owner/Tattooer at Coastline Tattoo Studio
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    Wellfleet, Ma
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  1. Coastline Tattoo- Provincetown, MA. Guest Artists 2014 May 22-26 Tina DeCarlo - Body Graphics/No Ka Oi, Philadelphia, PA. Jacci Gresham - Aart Accent, New Orleans LA. Adam Shields June 4-8 Scott Bruns - Sanctuary Tattoo, Portland, ME. June 24-July 1 Danny Emery Jr. - Philly Ink, Philadelphia, PA. July 3-13 Jef Wright - Wealthy Street Tattoo, Grand Rapids, MI. July 16-30 Dave Steele - Philadelphia Eddie’s Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA. July 31- August 3 Charles Rouse - Studio 1, Norwood, PA. August 6-13 Cornbread - Hell or High Water, New Orleans, LA. September Jamie Delzel - I
  2. Hey All, looking for an experienced tattooer for Coastline Tattoo Studio, located in Provincetown,MA. Good mix of custom and flash customers. Town is an international destination, high season is July-October, LOTS of tourists. "Off season" is Nov-March, mostly locals looking for custom work. Unique opportunity for the right person, work the high season and travel in the off season or stick around and build off season clientele base. Must be currently licensed, have certifications in BBP, First Aid and CPR. Call the shop or email for more info 508-487-2012, coastlinetattoo@gmail.com
  3. pre columbian Coastline Tattoo - Provincetown, Cape Cod - Custom Tattooing & Art Studio - pre columbian backpiece, aztec sundial
  4. scrimshaw Coastline Tattoo - Provincetown, Cape Cod - Custom Tattooing & Art Studio - scrimshaw ship
  5. and some artwork - - - Updated - - - newer work
  6. Thanks All, finally found my password... here's some more recent work Coastline Tattoo - Provincetown, Cape Cod - Custom Tattooing & Art Studio - sea creature, skull
  7. i picked up a Mike Pike armrest, it's SOLID, i highly recommend it
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