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  1. Hi all, been slacking on my updating on here so heres some bits and pieces: Most recent thing I've had done was continuing this, was cool to chat to Brad Fink briefly prior: one session to go, hopefully soon although it will be hard not to get something else by Andre. Also got this from O'Donnell back in July: Both shameless instagram thefts.... As usual this thread has blown my mind with the awesomeness that LSTer's choose to get...
  2. I know its been a few quiet months on here for me so I think the awesome things thread is the perfect spot for update. its been a big year, since Feb I have: - Moved to the United States (Minneapolis to be exact) - Got married (my wife is American) - Bought a house (or at least signed up for some loan repayments for the next 30 years, hard to think of it as ours till its all paid, at least in my mind) - Met a bunch of interesting Americans - Caught my first Musky, only 36" but i am by no stretch of the imagination a fishing type guy, luckily my brother in law is! - Experienced true cold
  3. Looks like Eckel is going to be working at Sanitary Electric in Vancouver in the new year, North American LSTer's I'm looking at you!
  4. @bongsau sorry for your loss. I had my ribs punished on Sunday by Andre Malcolm, who also did finished a Kirin on my brother the day before. The sunday was one of the hardest sessions I've done, mostly due to a very enthusiastic drinking host the evening before, can't speak highly enough of the guys at Skull and Sword though, really looked after us out of towners! Would have loved to meet up with some of you Bay Area types, but was pretty much a fly in/fly out deal. Next time! *damn you tapatalk, see Instagram @__andre_skullnsword__
  5. Hing is a good dude, small world @motsimus
  6. thanks @graybones, the ditch part was reeaaaaal fun. still not as bad as the rib cliff imo! just went back through the pages of this thread i missed in the last couple of weeks, so much rad. wrong thread but anyone on here have anything from Andre Malcom?
  7. Went to KC for the weekend and managed to snag a walk in with Noah Moore, he filled in a pretty awkward spot with this rose: (Photo stolen from his Instagram)
  8. So many awesome tattoos here lately, wish my tapatalk likes would show up! I got double teamed on my feet today, Jason Walstrom did the pig while Mimi Wunsch did the rooster. Pics stolen from their IG's. Wasnt as bad as I'd thought it might be beforehand, but definately stung more in a few places than most other spots so far, a bit worse than collarbone, nowhere near as bad the rib cliff. It's gonna be a fun few healing days coming up I'm sure!
  9. ^so good. I'm not a cat person by any stretch but these are really rad.
  10. Got a consult with Nolan in a week and a half, pretty much just gonna show him some spots and some general themes I'm into. I was in Acme the other day and aside from a ridiculous amount of old flash, I found they had the flash for one of the first tattoos I remember being impressed by, not sure if he did the one I saw in the magazine but it was a real experience to stumble across that. #murica
  11. Wandered around my new neighborhood today, saw a tattoo shop, went in and got quite a surprise, walls are covered (must be 50+ sheets) in 1960's Eddie Peace flash. Chatted to his grandson Daniel for a while, he said there are tons more, we are gonna pour through them for some gap fillers once I get some time free, he also had some Polito acetates and some 80's flash (incl. some wizards!!!) from his parents. Was pretty psyched to find it so unexpectedly.
  12. I was plainskinned when I first met my now wife, but we didn't start dating for a few years after that. She had one small and simple tattoo on her ribs, now has three, all simple outlines, which she loves. I've now got half squidpants (did we agree squidshorts was a thing?), one side of my ribs and both upper arms nearly filled. I feel really lucky to have someone in my life who appreciates them. We have always been supportive of each other's desire for more tattoos, as well as the divergent styles they often take. Today she was talking about a coherent upper arm (thanks @HaydenRose
  13. The samurai octodick he did is one of my favorites. Would get.
  14. Can't recall which part of the internet I found this on, was in a folder marked random, nice photo though!
  15. Wow @Hospitelli , glad that piece is on someone here! Going to be so good.
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