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  1. You know the funny thing in my mind is that for as long as it has been around and for all the new fangled designer medication that's come out tailored to specific ailments, good ole Benedryl is still the go to in main circles to address allergic reactions. The only draw back is the sometimes drowsy effects, but nothing really beats it in terms of settling down a histamine reaction.
  2. @El Dolmago Makes sense. The skin is already irritated and in shock from shaving/tattooing. Add another "itchy" layer on and it doesn't surprise me if a breakout occurs, especially someone with sensitive skin. I've had a few times after tattooing, mostly outside of the newly tattooed area. This last flare up was the first time it happened on that actual new ink but I'm basically running out of real estate on my body. No damage or issues with the new ink so far as I can see and that my girlfriend can see. Started lightly lotioning the area after treating with Benedryl for about a week looks to be on the mend.
  3. @Fala Much better but its a bit crusty. Thanks for asking. Will continue the regime of Benedryl through the weekend then switch back to lotion it a bit to smooth things out. Don't think anything happened to the tattoo itself which is good. Hopefully will have a good idea in a couple more weeks.
  4. @beez The work on my back was done about 6 weeks ago. It's mostly healed but I started a new job recently and have been dressing up more (dress shirts and ties) for it. I think my skin was like, what the hell is this and just had a flare up. I've dealt with this before in the past but never directly on the ink itself. It was always on the outside non-tattooed areas. My girlfriend said the ink looked fine, just texture wise it was a bit bumpy. Knowing that I have sensitive skin and not full aware of what the reaction is, I decided to err on the side of caution and slathered on a some Benedryl topical cream and also took a Benedryl pill before sleeping. Woke up and it was much calmer (not itchy) and the bumps settled down a lot. During the day it's little cream and one Benedryl pill. At night, I put a little more cream and take two pills. Hopefully most of it clears up by this weekend. Luckily as we're all taught to never pick or scratch at our ink, I'm fairly confident things will heal and turns out well.
  5. Have a contact dermatitis flare up on my backpiece. Couldn't figure out what it was initially until I put some Benedyrl cream and took some Benedryl pills. Instantly it calmed down a lot. Will need to keep up the regime for a couple of days to make it go away. My girl looked it over and said doesn't appear to have affected the new ink.
  6. I LOVE James Hong and Big Trouble in Little China! @Cork @sophistre
  7. Last night's meet up after @Pugilist's session at NY Adorned with Brian Kaneko. Great meeting you and @Graeme in person!
  8. My suggestion is Kiku (Instagram) But if it's gotta be more black than greys...then any of the Horitoshi family.
  9. Here's one today from Tracy Lambright
  10. Adam Craft just posted this cover up jobbie:
  11. @Cork you are a ROCKSTAR dude!!! Man, that looks so STELLAR!!! Cheers on the bittersweet ending!
  12. @Dennis If you get color, try to insist on alternating shades in the scales. Personally I LOVE that look.
  13. Hey Folks, Looks like I might not be able to make it to this Sunday for the get together. Family obligations keeping me from cool tattoo people...blah. @Pugilist @Graeme I know you kids are supposed to be at Adorned on Saturday. I'd love to swing by if I'm close by and if you don't mind. Just let me know what time you're going to be there and I'll do my best. Apologies to everyone else. Really wanted to see you nerds again and rock my MonMon Cat shirt. Another time.
  14. Jesus Christ, the method sounds horribly painful and the results in the pic are SCARY. Yeech!
  15. Here's one from Henning Jorgensen Is this the Rubendall one?
  16. @Cork PLEASE PLEASE take pics bro!
  17. @Lance Looks like Kishi Monju as @introspect mentioned above. Check this out for a little more info: Monju Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) - Japanese Buddhist Deity of Wisdom and Education @instrospect BEAUTIFUL work...thanks for sharing. @Graeme Coming together nicely dude. Finish up the shading and soon you'll be on color then it'll really POP! I need to get me a tiger soon! HA!
  18. Coming from Manhattan so shouldn't be an issue for me if there are train stops close by. Just let me know when and where.
  19. @scubaron I used to play at Corner Billiards which is now the current Amsterdam. You name it, I've had it at one point or another. Southwest, Tascarella, Hercek, Skip Weston, Prewitt, Fanelli, etc. I rarely play these days. Only when I get a new cue in, I take it somewhere and shoot around for it a bit just to figure out if I plan on keeping it or not. That's about it. Love the game, just don't have the time for it and in Manhattan, it's super expensive to play. I love how cues are made and working with a maker in designing one.
  20. @scubaron Pool league? Seriously? One of my vices....custom pool cues.
  21. I'm down for meeting up and will be coming from Manhattan. @BrianH @Killercook76 @Fala @dirbab are in and around NYC so hopefully they can make it too.