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  1. equilibrium

    1st Tat

    Very well versed Pleadco :) For the most part, I don't take offence nor am I the overly sensitive type but I do believe respect needs to be given both ways regardless if folk do what we want them to do or what advice is given...no need to leave folks feeling worse off then they came. Although I ran a few groups where I had to mod /admin a lot and I'm biased haha. On the sunscreen note...so, nothing for how long after then you do want to apply it anytime you are outside? Yes, it might be a dumb question but I don't know the answer to it, haha!
  2. equilibrium

    1st Tat

    I see. I had a peek at the OP's posts and then went on to read one of the threads. I am totally disappointed. The guy didn't come across as an arse to me, and not an "expert" and then some of the responses...(The not liking you so much thing). I was pretty excited to learn from the folks here because I'm *not* knowledgeable about all the deets on tattooing. I see things I like;I see things I don't like. Thought this place was a helpful group of folk that can help me ensure that my or someone else's future tattoos aren't poor quality but it cautions me not to ask any stupid questions or make s
  3. equilibrium

    1st Tat

    We see these shirts all the time and our kids have them as well. You can get rash guard type ones (swimsuit-like material) or ones like regular shirts... I learned a lot from this thread. All the discussion helps...but I'm curious-why would the OP get banned over this? :confused:
  4. I like to "brainstorm" to get creative juices flowing so love and appreciate people's suggestions, feedback, ideas that might help me come down to a decision about my own tattoo (or anything really). I just wanted to add (as a newbie here) that after I saw that initial design response I felt intimidated to ask about ideas/placement for myself in another thread. I might be a tough cookie in life in other things but tattoos I am not well versed in and feel a bit in an unfamiliar world and felt oh sheit...I better not ask anything what I needed to hahaha
  5. These turned out so nice! I really like where they are placed. Do you mind me asking what picture it is from? I love those lines in the ocean waves and they look so familiar (maybe it's a certain style of drawing?).
  6. I'm curious about folks with ADD/ADHD....anyone have experience with or have adhd that can give me some tips on getting tattooed? I have none and my mind is working on a piece but have always put it off because I can't sit still that long and and am pretty vocal person (ie/ if something hurts I'll curse, etc) Always feel like I'd be the biggest PITA so I haven't gotten anything done yet. I'm concerned about not being an arse while there...haha
  7. Hey, I'm from BC and *gasp* entirely tattoo-free. Mid-30's and been wanting certain tattoo(s) since I was 17 but since everyone I knew was getting tats at the time so I held off. Then priorities changed and how many kids later....I'm at a point where I need to start doing what I've put off and always wanted to do in my life. Thinking of it like my bucket list.... but this lady has some anxieties, adhd, and fear of pain since since my kid's births my pain threshold has gone way down. Anyhow, I have a zillion questions and feel like an ignorant ass for needing to ask them but my ocd kicks in a
  8. This was so hilarious to me that I had to actually read and submit acceptance of posting guidelines for my first post...to say that I have had some great laughs from this post!
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