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  1. Well... here it is. the progress of the back of my neck. i had 3 treatments with a ndyag, not alot happened on the "blue" then i tried the picosure.. the blue was almost gone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afHFA-Uc2oY
  2. if you guys haven't seen it ... here is my blog on realself about my laserjourney :) Tattoo Removal of a Full Sleeve and a Lowerleg Sleeve / Chest, Stomach and Neck with Picosure- Germany, DE - PicoSure review - RealSelf
  3. current progress on my chest . first pic. how it was. second picture. how it looked after 2 treatments with a medlite II nd yag laser. third picture. how it looked straight after laser with picosure. the bright blue side, got lasered the second time with picosure, the dark side, got lasered the first time with picosure.
  4. yea, i had 2 Sessions with a ND YAG on the color tattoos (on the medusa only the green) but i couldn't see a big change... but with this Picosure it worked really good. still can't believe it :)
  5. i got lasered with a picosure laser 5 days ago.. and all i can say... im still amazed by the reactions on green, bright blue and purple... im stoked how more it will fade in the next weeks :)
  6. Hey there... i had 5 days ago my first session with a Picosure laser! all i can say, this thing is amazing!! i see aready amazing fadings.. bright blue is almost gone after one session! great changes in the green and purple is also almost gone. here is a picture of my medusa on my stomach.. the tattoo was 8 years old... and got already 2 times lasered with a ND YAG laser. the red isnt lasered yet. 3rd picture, 3 days after a picosure laser treatment 4rd picture, 5 days later. - - - Updated - - - and the first half of my chest... first picture how it was after 2 times with a ND YAG laser... fadings on the black, but nothing on the colors. picture 2. 4 days after my first picosure session sorry for the horrible pics, but im going to upload better ones, when its fully healed :)
  7. another 2Days and 12 Hours of Tattooing :)
  8. today i came back from berlin... we had a solid 2 day session.... markus outlined the whole arm and put some black in it ;) there is also a video after day 1 we did in this 2 days 9 hours. still alot to do... :)
  9. @spiderwoods because we splitted the arm into areals, i had on different spots more. on others less. lowerarm for sure was like 5-6 sessions. 2 times complete including the shading, since the 3rd session only outlines and the dark spots. upperarm outside was like 5, i think. same like on the lowerarm... since the 3rd only outlines and dark spots. upperarm inside i had 3 sessions.
  10. next week i'm gettin my "lasered" arm covered! took the picture on the right, 2 days ago. finally it's over after 1 1/2 years of lasering!
  11. had today my first treatment on my stomach. i thought the pain will be horrible.. but it was not that bad.. but enough pain that i only did one side... on the other side is another head. the first picture is almost 6 years old, the tattoo was already alot faded. so here is a picture right after the 1th treatment.
  12. it was just few spots, not the whole arm.. and i only get it outlined in may... so i have good 8 weeks healing time between last lasering and getting the first outlines. should be enough... even mike devries wrote on his webpage that 6weeks are enough. Mike DeVries :Cover Ups vs Laser Tattoo Treatments :
  13. :) i had 2 weeks ago another session on few spots on the arm. in 40 days i have my first tattoosession for the arm... can't wait to get it covered!
  14. From last Friday. Done at the Paris Convention by Nathan Kostechko. i love it!
  15. no, with a 3mm spot it would take alot time and pain. :) we splitted the arm in 3 areals... complete lower arm, upperarm outside and upperarm inside.
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