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  1. Cheers mate. Was happy I got to do that design. Trying to do more like the crocodile.
  2. @a_whiley post tattoos I've done, drawings and family stuff
  3. Not sure haha. Thanks the photo is old now, I've got my other side done now.
  4. recent ones! forest gump flash cast away flash and some other sheets i did for fun
  5. @Wilhell im pretty sure i saw you walking around!
  6. little a5 Heikegani i did yesterday - - - Updated - - - i want this!
  7. thanks buddy! love me some star wars! i have bad tattoos dont worry ... they're all hidden on my legs haha!
  8. every single one is colour haha! i was pretty surprised when i got the photo in my emails.
  9. Ryota (@unmon on instagram) did this on me today! love it!