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  1. Yeah you may have a point. I just started so I can't really say for sure but it seems to be less painful so far . I know .. The ass!! Haha
  2. My right shoulder there is a realistic eagle. Yeah I have more than one eagle.. haha Yeah that's only half the design. The dragon part will continue down to my knees. It's not some sort of mash up of the two. I know it kind of looks like that now. If you want to see the full design check out my instagram Killercook76
  3. not at all. I like the battle royal but it can look a little cluttered .. just my opinion. I guess if I had a huge back I would have .
  4. @hogg Wasn't an easy decision to take out the snake part but it turned out better this way. I actually had Rubendall wanting to do the snake part.. that would have be awesome !!
  5. haha you so clever! The dragon head will come next session.. Battle royal minus the snake.
  6. Round 1 of my eagle/dragon. Tattoo By Chris Garver (thanks fairgreen) at Invisible NYC
  7. Not for me I start my back on Monday. Was looking to see for a friend.
  8. That's great !! Well his books open up in the summer . I would suggest you start from there. You are probably going to have to wait several years but if you can ... it's well worth it!!
  9. Like i said I'm starting my back soon. I just came in to say what's up to a friend . Mike had a free hour so I said wtf not hahaha!! You don't get chances like that a lot.
  10. why not? haha! had some space so . I'm starting my back soon so didn't want to do anything major. It's a nice little filler by one of the best..
  11. [/img] Little filler done by Mike Rubendall at Kingsave
  12. nah.. I like the battle royal but I would rather have a back piece that is readable. Less is more.. dragon and eagle and maybe throw in some flowers but that's about it
  13. i know right... well you can always do duplicates .. I have many eagles but that is my favorite so..
  14. oh yeah who's doing it? Yeah like I said the battle royal is awesome but too much in one space... yeah it's hard to wait between sessions but a month between is good because it allows good healing in between. I have to wait until april so I feel your pain..
  15. I did ask him that but it seems like he's down to do whatever. Might go with a battle royal but want something more readable. Maybe just a dragon and eagle.
  16. Getting my back done in a couple of months by Chris Garver .. trying to figure out exactly what i want.. Kinda difficult only because this may be my last one. Also because I have most of the tattoos I like already like.
  17. Great choice!! I hardly see anyone really take peoples advice lately and go with the cheaper option. Trust me you will not regret it later on if you decide to get more work. Also try not to over analyze it too much. If you are looking for realism then Justin or Matt Bagwell are the best choices. Both of them are on instagram. As far as color realism there are not many artist in NYC that can do that well but depends what exactly you are looking for. Something like Nikko Hurtado? FWI they would tell you upfront if Justin couldn't or didn't do that style . In any case check out xskinny on instagram also.
  18. It's not all about the hourly rate. Some artist tattoo faster than others. So while 200/hour seems cheaper it may be the same or even more if the tattooer is on the slow side. Btw Justin is a great choice. Also Rose Hardy would kill that tattoo. You can't go wrong with anyone in KA. Totally recommend that shop!!! Awesome artist and extremely well run. I hear you about not rolling in the dough but... it's not like you'll have to pay everything upfront and probably that tattoo will take several sessions. Plus you will be totally happy with what you get..
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