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  1. so this is the closest thread I could find to it,I hope it does'nt piss anyone off. this is what I am drinking today,besides slow smoking a pork loin roast. BTW, I hope I didn't come off too strong
  2. yes,that turned out really really nice IMO,very cool piece
  3. . I have an appointment with Samuel Shaw @ Kulture Tattoo on Kauai on sept 25th,I'm excited,he said he's going to do it freehand,which sounds great,I'm going to get Polynesian/Samoan work. The Tattoo Work of Samuel Morgan Shaw | Kreator and Kurator at Kulture Tattoo, Kauai, Hawaii . Kulture Tattoo
  4. crap ! I wanted to go so bad,but I couldn't make it :( sounds like a great time,please let us know if it happens again !
  5. HELL YES that counts ! very cool, congratulations !
  6. LOL no,but thanks ! I don't like pain on my face,a beer with you sounds good though ! and yes,there was many very nice replies here,and I appreciate them for sure,that's why I am here posting, that last post was clearly directed at only one person.
  7. These are in the “General Tattoo Discussion” sub forum “This is where you should post general tattoo topics that don't fit into any of the specific categories below.” So these are all in the correct forum ? (no slam intended to these members, it’s just an example) http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4209-misspelled-words.html http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4144-clare-clarity-has-surgery-hand-selling-paintings-pay-bills.html http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4249-bad-suggestion.html http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4092-richard-stell-could-use-your-help.html http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4132-la-clothing-company-ripping-off-dringenberg-name.html . so where were your internet police replies about those ? and yes,for the most part this entire forum is “tattoo Related” ,erh,well,except for these 3 !?!?!??! . in “random Crap” which per the rules are posted above(I have asked a mod here if off topic non tattoo related threads are allowed in that forum,& the answer was yes) . in 3 weeks I have posted 6 threads,so divide 21 days by 6 threads ! WOW! Ya,that’s WAY too many threads. in a month ! I have only posted 13 threads TOTAL ! and from what I can tell, since no mods have told me to stop,I have placed them in the correct forums,(unlike the at least 5 mentioned above have done) So what’s your problem with me ? it seems you are the only one bothered by it. Looking back at most of your replies, IMO you are the one that is wasting forum space by telling everyone else what to and what not to do ! I had a day to think about this forum & the mostly nice people here, so I said to myself *self ! why should one bent outa shape member ruin my experience here?* & so self answered, it shouldn’t ! and well,if you don't like what I do here,then report me to a moderator or just leave me alone. and yes,EACH of my adventures deserves it's own thread ! if they bother you,then DON'T READ THEM ! oh ya ! one more thing,if this reply pisses you off,then report it to the mods.
  8. you win, I won't be bothering you anymore here. life has enough negativity in to deal with already,I certainly don't need more from a silly online discussion forum.
  9. it's cool hun,but since you're not a moderator here and IMO multiple threads about different or WTF ever topics are what a online discussion forum is for, then ya,you did come off as a rude asshat, but you're from Stockton so I'll let it go this time, and since you seem to be the only one sniveling about it,then no,I will just keep making these rather subdued forums a little more lively, so here's a kiss on yer cheek and a spank on your butt,and you have a nice day. :) (if you don't like my threads ,then don't read 'em) gee,I hope I did'nt come off too strong
  10. :) ............................ lots of nice people here,thanks,had a fun time,
  11. you guys made my wife feel really good ,I showed her this thread. she says thanks to all of my friends here.
  12. ok,so the results of the surgery are 100% all bad stuff is gone. :) I get freaked out in my way,like I said,fuckin' cancer has touched my life so many times. :mad: finally one time it got beat ! thanks for all the support & good energy ,it worked !
  13. I do a little on my legs,I always thought it was from shaving, I use aquaphor,it could be from that a little too, but it only happens on my legs,it's doesn't occur on my arms or neck.
  14. thanks again to you all,I brought my LT,they have wifi in the waiting room,not bad speeds either. :) she is already in seeing the doctor.
  15. thanks for all the kind words,we're off to the hospital in a few minutes.
  16. my wife is going in for her second surgery tomorrow(monday) for cancer on her right ankle, the prognosis is good per the doctor for complete removal,still scary for her and really scary for me,I have lost both my parents & my grandfather to cancer. . anyway,I am taking the day off to be with her,we should know the same day what the final results are. unfortunately its right under her ankle tattoo,go figure :rolleyes: . the only other good thing besides her complete recovery is that we will have to go back to Maui to get the piece repaired. :cool: . this is my beautiful wife,and her ankle piece *not bad for 53* ;) . (our grandkids names are on there too) . (actually today is our 6th wedding anniversary) !
  17. I got some love from my kids & grand kids today... I hope you're having as good a day as I am... :cool: from me & my family
  18. so,I'm completely naked right now, . . . . now I know what yer thinking, . . . . and I agree, . . . . that it's not normally an issue, ,, , , but the thing is,it's hot here today,,,, , , , , , and I'm sitting in my leather office chair right now ! :( , , , and well,you can get the mental image of the sweaty part ! , , , , , , lol :rolleyes:
  19. so,I don't know if this is "awesome" or not,but every year on my & my wife's wedding anniversary,I get a gift for her from the "traditional" wedding gift list,and this year,this is our 6th and it's "iron",so I searched for a while and found a "meteorite" pendant which is 93% iron,to give to my hot wife on the 23rd of june. it's a small chunk of an actual meteorite with a soldered on ring to wear for a necklace.
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