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  1. Lol beat you to it ;) I mentioned my friend getting tattoed by Mason back on pg1. Actually he and Mason are really good friends. His whole body is almost completely covered in ink that Mason did.
  2. That looks terrifying. Makes my stomach churn just looking at it. Yikes. Worse case scenario, I'd rather just keep my botched ink than go through that mess. Sorry, but yuck. It just looks like acid eating away at your skin. I'd be to afraid to have my skin look like that.
  3. I need to take more photos of my art. I drew up this peacock feather design for a co-worker of mine about 2 years ago. She got the feather tattooed down her right ribcage about a week later. Apologies for the poor photo quality.
  4. Hey Justin. I'm pretty new to LST too but its been a great place so far. Everyone is super friendly. Maybe you can find a way to incorporate those stars into a larger tattoo so they look better and so you could enjoy them more :)
  5. We get them in our yards a lot too. During the spring and summer, brush and all the plants overgrow a ton and snakes love to hide in them.
  6. Milk and Coral snakes are beautiful. They could be incorporated into making a great looking tat. I had a ball python a while back. I moved and worked a lot so I felt like I neglected her too much so my mother took her. She loves her. My parents also had a Reticulated Python before I was born. It got so big they gave it to the zoo ha.
  7. Awesome! ;) a snake tattoo would look great too. I've seen some really nice ones.
  8. Yeah I love snakes too. Facinating little creatures. No other girls I know like them suprisingly. Just me. ;)
  9. I saved a snakes life today. Poor thing had gotten itself stuck to a piece of adhesive on an ice and water guard for roofing. It got almost it's entire body stuck to it with the exception of the end of its tail and its head. I felt so sorry for it cause I had no way of knowing how long it had been there. So I picked it and the roofing piece up, and walked it over to the hose thinking that maybe the water would help loosen up the grip that the adhesive had on the snakes body. Luckily it did. The snake was suprisingly very cooperative while I ran the water under him and slowly pryed his body from the guard. He even let me hold up his head while I unstuck his neck. After about an hour of carefully working his body loose, I finally freed him. I carried him over to the woods and released him. I picked up all the scrap roofing I could find so he wouldn't get stuck again. I felt pretty awesome afterwards for being able to help him. I'm such a softie for little creatures :)
  10. 3 hours is the longest I've had for my back piece. Luckily I've got an insanely high pain tolerance and didn't have any extreme pain after it was all finished. I can't wait to get started on my sleeve now. In the end, the initial pain is more than worth it.
  11. Awesome ink, Reverend ;) I love the Dragon. I definitely want a dragon (almost certain it will be on my other arm) because I'm going for a chinese theme with my tattoos and going by the Chinese zodiac, I'm a dragon.
  12. The interview was great. Watched the entire thing. He had some great stories and seems like an awesome person. Makes me really want to get in to see him. :) Would you mind posting a pic of your tat? Would love to see it. Kore seems so awesome in that interview. So laid back and seems like he'd be so easy to talk to.
  13. That's a relief. Damn google, lying to me saying its a real tat. But even still, it goes back to the question of why would he? Hmm... I agree with TrixieFaux. He wants his Doritos Locos tacos haha.
  14. Oh whoops. My fault. I found the Plurabella site and it didn't list an address but my brain failed to put 2+2 together that it was private. Oh I fail sometimes lol. I should definitely call and see what he's up to and how booked he is. He sounds great. I would love to have a piece done by him. I've been wanting tattoos ever since I was real young because my parents have them and I always thought they were so beautiful. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have Kore work on a piece for me ;)
  15. I couldnt begin to tell you what this guy was thinking... ...or what the artist was thinking for that matter. Shameful. *sigh* What a way to advertise.
  16. Yup ;) Cincinnati. Born and raised. Wow. I just did a search on him and wow. Amazing. His work is awesome. I bet your tattoo looks superb. I would love to see it. I found the shop that he is at when he's not traveling and I think I might stop in ;) Thanks so much for letting me know! You guys have all been a great help so far! This community is awesome :D
  17. Second actually ;) but my first, although large, is no where near as detailed as this one will be. My other is on my back. I'm going for my arm this time around so I can show it off easier and because I think sleeves are beautiful. I do have a friend who is covered in amazing tats from his chest down. He goes to a friends of his, Mason, who does amazing work. I think now, I might go to his friend and bring the design with me and see what he can do ;) I'm getting very excited about this. I've been wanting a sleeve with a koi and some other elements for a very long time.
  18. I do a lot of art myself so maybe I can take elements from the design and rework it and post what I come up with and see if I can make it workable.
  19. We have an awesome roller derby here in Cincinnati. I love watching the girls and have even thought of joining myself.
  20. Thanks so much for the tip, Graeme. I was worried it might not work but having my artist rework the design is a great idea. :) I have another question. Was I correct in thinking the ink in the face and the other small details will end up merging? Or is there other problems with the design that I'm overlooking? Thanks! ;)
  21. Hi Everybody! It's great to be a part of a growing tattoo forum. I can't wait to become a part of the community. :) Tattoos are a big deal in my family. Everyone has them and absolutely loves them. They're one of the most beautiful art forms and I love how we all share a special connection. There's nothing better than having a conversation with another person about tattoos and their meaning and significance that are special to you. Another reason I joined is to ask some questions about future tattoos that I'm looking at getting. I looked through a lot of other forums and it seems like this community is a great place to get advice. :) Since I can't start a thread in another forum for a week I'll ask everyone a question in this thread about a tat I'm thinking of getting to see what everyone thinks, so here goes ;) I'm thinking of getting this tattoo on my upper arm. From just below my shoulder to right above my elbow. But the one thing I'm worried about is the detail in it. Especially in the woman's face. I'm a small girl and have tiny arms too. What I'm worried about is after a few years, the details in her face (eyes, nose, lips) will start to blend and bleed together and become unrecognizable. Her face/head will be about the size of a quarter maybe, which is pretty small. I would be devistated if this happened. Also, I'm worried that the same thing might happen to the trees smaller branches in the background, her collar and spiraled details on her dress, the accessories in her hair, and the whiskers of the Koi. Pretty much anything that is very small. I could be overthinking this and it might be perfectly aright to get this tattooed with no problems to worry about in the future, but I'd rather ask beforehand about the things I'm worried about. ;) I'm thinking of omiting the smaller woman, the building and the smaller tree in the background because I'm almost certain that those would fade into a mess after a few years. So I wanted to omit them because they are so incredibly detailed. Also, this tattoo will be colored. I know its not in the picture, but it would be when it is tattooed. I would love and greatly appreciate any advice about her face maybe blending before i go and get this tattooed. I love the design but really want it to last. I look forward to talking to everyone! Happy tattooing! :)
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