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  1. hi Im a newbie who just joined today i saw your Backpiece its amazing 

  2. Well I received the grand price today :) Unfortunatly I can't show the t-shirt together with the backpiece, but at least I got some sleeves that pair nicely with the t-shirt ;-) (and yes, I'm sooo wearing this tomorrow to the office :) )
  3. I found the cheeks not that bad, and wouldn't have minded if he was to fill it in... I even asked if he was going to fill in the blank part a bit (but he wouldn't) :)
  4. by Bonel from Corazon Santo, Arnhem, The Netherlands
  5. Thanks Guys, I'm honoured to have become one of the Tattoo of the Month winners :) Even though there wasn't much competition this month (in number of people, not in quality ofcourse ;) ), it still feels awesome to have won :cool:
  6. Having tattoos doesn't make you less friendly or approachable, only a 'bad' attitude towards tattoos (of the other person (or perhaps even you ;-) ) does that...
  7. Here is my submission for this months contest. My whole backpiece has been done in a 6-month period (just 31 hours in total) by Bonel from Corazon Santo, Arnhem, The Netherlands. I also have a full size picture available HERE
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