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  1. Not working on medical leave. I have ataxia and slurring according to my dad and I fainted at work from med effects. Starting to get depressed from not working. My boyfriend came to my defense and said I wasn't slurring. He is the only person looking out for me, and we're not sexually active. - - - Updated - - - Not working on medical leave. I have ataxia and slurring according to my dad and I fainted at work from med effects. Starting to get depressed from not working. My boyfriend came to my defense and said I wasn't slurring. He is the only person looking out for me, and we're not sexually active. Edit: To make matters better, I have a hematoma or solid mass in my brain. No siblings called. But I have awesome friends.
  2. Alcohol based sanitizers will cut oils and dry rapidly. I like to use it before I handle my older books.
  3. I have a mix of oriential/traditional, and it's sort of hard to break away from that. I think those blend together well. I have appreciation for other types, but it's hard to do other sorts for me and have it make "sense," if that makes sense. It's hard for me to picture photorealistic tattoos blending in, or a B&G piece working well in the midst of things.
  4. Turns out I may be moving soon. Before I do so, I need repairs on a recently done tattoo as previously mentioned, but I really want the guy who's done a bunch of my tattoos to pick out one more tattoo to do before I leave the state. It would be a fun way to leave.
  5. That's a cool combination of the eagle/snake. And welcome.
  6. I'm not a fan of slang in general. I call them tattoos, done by a tattoo machine tipped with a needle filled with ink. I guess I say a tattoo is "done" instead of "tattooed." That's as "slang-y" as I get.
  7. Same reason people make poor nutritional choices. Same reason people dress like shit for their body type. Same reason people make any number of bad decisions every day. If only bad decisions stopped at terrible tattoos...
  8. The only episode of NY/LA Ink I've watched that sticks in my mind is the one with Anthony Bourdain, because I just love him. Perfect man who loves a good snail as much as I do. There's just something so hot about him.
  9. It's never made a lot of sense to me to put moisturizer on something that's healing. You moisturize to MAINTAIN healthy, unbroken skin, not to heal it. Using a little tea tree oil and just washing it with either antibacterial soap or vaginal wash has always worked fine and left bright, nice tattoos for me.
  10. I understand. I've put nothing but different types of flowers on my thighs and I'm sort of trying to figure out how to work in different pieces. I plan on working in a koi when I redo the little cherry blossom, but as far as deciding what else, I jump around. I know I want more petals on the right thigh. Those are ALL plans for the right thigh. The left is a bit trickier. I have some delphinium on my left inner thigh. I've thought about working a mouse in a bit of raspberry plant with berries and flower on the outer part. I also enjoy writing, so I thought it might be fun to put an old tyme typewriter with an anchor weighing it down... Sort of a fun abstraction. Just some ideas.
  11. My first tattoo a decade ago was on my thigh, one of those dinky college things. Now I have several tattoos, including two more medium-sized pieces on my thighs. It's absolutely one of my favorite places to tattoo, and I have plans in the future for more tattoos.
  12. Took my dad out to get ice cream. Two wins: Got the anti-social old man out of his house, AND got the scrawny old man to consume some calories. He ate all of his dipped cone and most of mine. (I can eat a lot, but I've never been able to pack away a lot of ice cream.)
  13. I think you'll have a very good experience as a person who isn't neurotypical getting a tattoo. It's a very focused thing, if that makes sense.
  14. The upcoming work is going to be "fixer upper" work - Fixing a small blow-out where a line needs to be thickened, adding some petals to another tattoo, and adding a koi to a cherry blossom as well as cleaning that piece up. No "new" work for awhile.
  15. I'm good on the fleshy parts, but where those little ridges of bone shoot out from the pelvic bone... Christ, that hurts.
  16. Trixie, I love those crazy stereotypical teacher outfits! I went crazy and wore scrub bottoms and a Halloween-themed teeshirt to work (a la one of our punk rock nurses who wears really cool shirts and sort of gets away with stuff because she's really awesome at her job). That's as crazy as I got on Halloween. ;) (Still had to wear the coat over it.)
  17. Just had the other thigh done, more traditional forget-me-nots, but in a lighter blue than they usually are. Took some poor quality selfies. I really like them, but a mild blowout occurred on the other thigh (about 1/16" of an inch or less) near the pubic bone on the other thigh, and I'd like to add petals on the right, so I'll be back in as soon as I'm fully healed and toughened up in a few weeks.
  18. Happy inside my little antisocial shell of a home.
  19. Tipping in the service industry is customary. In the US, this is usually about about 15%. Many people have their own ideas, less or more. I've spoken with people from other countries, and some countries don't tip, or tip less. A lot of people mentioned bringing non-cash tips. A good rule, whether an owner or someone who simply works in the shop does it, is what the tattoo is worth to you. If it was agreed upon to be a $300 job, and you feel it's worth $350, doesn't matter who does it. If you feel you got ripped, talk with the artist how to fix it, leave a standard tip to part on good terms if they're amicable. If they're rude and refuse to consider further discussion, then leave without tipping and never return.
  20. See, if you'd just come from across the pond, you could have had donuts over where I got tattooed. ;)
  21. Farther away shot.
  22. GrayCatLove

    Right Thigh

    Simple forget-me-nots. I really love these. May add some petals later.
  23. I've missed TF and the people on it. Any word?

  24. I said it. He said it. But it's worth repeating.
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