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  1. Love & Hate Tattoo in Phoenix AZ I am so happy I didn't go to a cheapo place for the deals. It was still a special but not a $13 one LOL Goes with my snake/ankh on my upper arm This is on my right wrist
  2. I mean price is important but I guess I was more concerned with what type of concept the artists would come up with since I will be paying them and it is a permanent thing. Sometimes just looking at pictures doesn't always help since many artists' work tend to overlap and there's only a few so far where I have said that their style isn't me at all. I think there are other factors that haven't been mentioned like how they are in person and if you think they seem cool/nice since they'll be essentially performing a procedure on you for possibly hours. So you say it's OK to ask an artist if they want to do a piece, then they come up with the design and you CAN say no, and you work it out or put it on hold and go to someone else?
  3. Is it OK to go to multiple places/artists that you have in mind and compare their prices/art before making a decision?? I wouldn't want to waste their time just to not get tattooed by them
  4. There are so many anyone have good suggestions?
  5. Hey, I am looking to get a spider, specifically a wolf spider tattooed on my neck/upper back. I'd like it to be pretty realistic and 3d (like it's crawling up). Attached some pics for influence. Any other ideas? Colors? Different spot on body? Size? I am in the Phoenix area, anyone know a good artist/place that would be good for this??
  6. I feel like a lot of it has to do with weather as well. Here in CT, it's not year round sunshine and warmth so people layer up and businesses are not lax on dress because of heat like they are in Arizona. Also consider the law. Massachusetts banned tattooing from 1962-2000 due to Hep C scares and unsanitary practices going on. Now the industry is pretty heavily regulated. IF you are under 18 and want a tattoo, it's kind of random on how some states require parental consent and others say no tattooing for minors no matter what and it is even a crime if you do it or offer it to a minor. All I can really speak for is New England and Arizona/California as I have been and lived in both areas. They are just so different in culture-politics aside-there is just different history. Also, like sighthound said, a lot of people in the West are transplants and most people in New England have been there forever and with the exception of Boston, no one moves here from around the country/world
  7. What are your experiences with people's general attitude in the west vs east coast on tattoos? Probably could break it down more specifically to NW, SW, Midwest, SE, NE I have always felt that the west coast tends to be more laid back and "new age" compared to the North and the conservative South-maybe excluding FL
  8. I have 1 maybe 2 tattoos that would be considered visible-only if I was wearing short sleeves and even then it's only a small part of ONE of them that shows My parents think I have totally limited my career in whatever I go into unless it's a musician, artist or as they think some blue collar high school drop out job. I mentioned to them that executives probably have tattoos but we never see em cuz they always have to wear suits. I also think that my tattoos are very tame compared to what I see plus only 1 is truly visible except with long sleeves. I can see how very certain professions that work with people, especially older conservative people, would not hire/allow tattooed people. I think if it were truly an important important thing for a company, they would ask you in the interview-assuming your are wearing a suit (men) if you had visible tattoos. Otherwise, the most they can do is tell you to cover up and maybe look at you in some sort of a way but WHY would you wanna work for someone like that anyway?
  9. Hey everyone, been a while since I posted here but been busy with life and such :p Anyway, I am not done with tattoos, definitely not!! I'm always thinking and planning ahead for new pieces and inspiration My upper right arm currently as a cobra wrapped around an ankh. I think I would like to continue with the Egyptian theme and maybe get an anubis head and some designs along the arms as well The picture of my arm is in my gallery. Just unsure of positioning and whether to separate or incorporate the designs
  10. LOL I do but RARELY wear them here in Phoenix, AZ I meant a shirt that is MADE to end at the elbow, not a long sleeve, I guess kind of like a skater shirt? I am checking the weather over there in Boston and I will probably bring long sleeves to wear, it looks cold-high 50 and 60s BRRRRRRRRRR
  11. Aww love everyone's cute pets here :D I, unfortunately, am posting on this thread for the first time with bad news :( I live in Phoenix, AZ and my parents are back in CT with my lil sisters, Zoe and Sophie. Zoe is the Bichon and Sophie is a Yorky/Maltese mix AKA a "Morky" Zoe was my first dog I picked back in 2001. She had a sister named Coco who passed away from cancer when she was 6 years old back in 2007, right before I left for AZ for school. My mother told me yesterday that they had to put little Zoe down :( She was going down hill for a few days-weight loss, loosing interest in things, etc. She had been having some lung and arthritis issues for a while now. I am going back east for the first week of May and was hoping to see my girls since I don't think I have been back there since the summer of 2012. That made it even more heart breaking to know she was gone before I really could say goodbye. It's hard, and it TRULY hasn't hit me since it's been so long and I never got to see her. I am glad though that my parents didn't allow her to suffer more as it seemed she had been in pain and was failing. She was 12 years old, about to be 13 on May 2. As I said, I picked her out of a litter and we have had that "bond" ever since. She always remembers me no matter how long I am gone and she always went to me first and gave me the most kisses. We ended up getting her and her sister since they were together when we got them so my dad felt sorry. We were going to jut get one dog but got 2 :P She is up there with her sister now though :D Going home to see my friend graduate grad school but it will be hard seeing my parents and only seeing the one dog :( In my mind, I felt that seeing her in May might be the last but I didn't expect it to happen to soon :( I am very upset about this, but don't let it surface much, especially at work. Tattoo related--LOL I was thinking, and I thought this before her death, that I was just gonna get her name simply written with a design on my arm somewhere, not sure yet though :(
  12. NEVER--Face, hands, ass, genitals, neck, armpit, foot, head Really not into but could happen over time, but not likely LOL--stomach, ribs, legs-I just don't think tattoos look good w/ real hairy legs and I don't shave Things like chest, wrist/forearm and back of neck are a yes but I'd REALLY want it to be something worth it and special and not too crazy For the wrist/forearm, I'd have to actually really consider my career and goals, etc
  13. my family doesn't know about my sleeve tattoo and I will probably see them in may as I am going to Boston to visit a friend and they wanna get together :P I was thinking of buying one of those shirts that go to your elbows to hide it LOL I don't know, they really were against and hated the first one I showed em. I guess though, they never really knew the time frame of the tattoos so as far as they know, I could have gotten them all last month
  14. My 1/2 sleeve goes into the armpit crease a little and it really burned, like a knife digging in
  15. I think this is GREAT advice that I will use for my next tattoo and especially for a longer session :D I think preparing is very important I have noticed, at least for me. I don't think I could ever just randomly walk in a shop and get a tattoo lol I guess if it was just small writing then maybe, but I'd rather really be prepared mentally and physically. I try to make my tattoo sessions on weekends and THAT IS ALL I do all day. Get good rest, eat well, drink, get the tattoo and then rest and heal. The potassium/sugars is something I'll add into my diet around getting a tattoo. Also, temperature control too
  16. Yeah I have the space for something like that on my lower/mid back :D
  17. Hey again guys, I guess I'll add to this thread instead of making a new one I am planning a new tattoo, which probably won't be until June. I just wanna get some feedback and maybe new ideas :D I am wanting a tattoo that represents kind of an inner struggle or ying/yang type thing. I don't want a ying/yang symbol though. My first thought was a dove and raven almost in a ying/yang pattern but I think I wanna be more creative than that lol I'd like to use animals or maybe even like a black/white rose or something.
  18. WEll I have hairy legs and I don't shave and I don't really think tattoos look good on hairy legs lol and In don't wanna have to keep shaving em
  19. So far all my tattoos are animal themed and I kinda like it, so I will keep going with it, but I am sure I'll get something different sometime I don't want a full sleeve with no neg space, I like having some space in between tattoos, especially if they don't relate. I don't think I'll get a giant piece anywhere. I def don't want anything on my legs
  20. So far I am planning one with my friend of an elephant on my right shoulder blade/back Was thinking of the name and/or a portrait of my dog back in CT, Zoe Also, I was thinking of adding to my right arm, maybe playing off the cobra/ankh? not sure
  21. Those ones in Allston seem real good :D Thanks
  22. Hey guys, I am going to Boston May 4-10 for one of my very close, good friends' graduation from grad school. We decided we wanted to get tattoos together of an Indian style elephant-on our shoulder blades, not too big, color or black and white. We have had ups in downs and some of our own personal issues that we have gotten over within the past 5 years. We been in touch since middle school so the symbol of an elephant as a strong, smart, loyal, patient and sensitive animal represents our friendship pretty well. Anyway, we are looking for a good place to go to around Boston area, I think it may be easier to find a place that is good so we may do a walk in rather than make an appointment, not sure of her/our schedule yet. Thanks :D
  23. yah it wasn't really cold in the place, but I must not have gotten a good meal in before as well as good hydration during. I think this might have been different than the other sessions.
  24. Few questions Does your day affect how you are? I know someone mentioned your psyche going into the parlor that day but I was wondering if that has to do with if you are tired or didn't get enough sleep, etc?? I am just wondering since I got my most recent tattoo after a half day of work, still not a full day but it was work. I had gotten my other tattoos on the weekends where it was the only thing I did that day. I also was alone this last session whereas I had a friend w/ me during the other sessions. This session was bad, but maybe it could have been how he tattooed? I was all shakey toward the ending of it and that had never happened to me before Does having muscle or fat help with the pain getting tattoos? (Skinny vs fat vs muscular person getting a tattoo) Or does a place, like the stomach or ribs always hurt no matter what? Back? Arm? etc
  25. Not a tattooer but I would imagine a bad thing would be letting other people touch your tattoo while it's healing. I have had a few people who tried to touch mine when I should them and it was still healing. Why would they touch it? That's just rude lol You don't know if they have washed their hands or not, it's nasty I would think touching it a lot yourself can be just as bad though
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