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  1. Guess I'll throw in another Scott Sylvia... from richmond - - - Updated - - - How to I post the full pic instead of thumbnail?
  2. If you go to the video on youtube, you can click on CC and change the captions options to english
  3. Has anyone heard anything about the primal urge book? I've seen the facebook page for it but havent seen any information about a release date or a preorder PRIMAL URGE - THE BOOK the work of marcus pacheco | Facebook
  4. Makara Snail by Chad Koeplinger - - - Updated - - - Well i dont know how to post the picture bigger
  5. Jimison


    by Chad Koeplinger
  6. Ashville is pretty awesome, just go on your next day off. i got tattooed at hot stuff last year, wanna go to empire next time & get something from will lollie