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  1. I am getting more work done on my Tiger/sleeve today Woot Woot!! hopefully my artist finishes the tiger part today, or all the other back ground stuff as my sleeve is getting closer to being finished. Well even if neither get done today(only closer to being finished) I am still just excited to be getting more done on it!
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    LOL I know that feeling all too well. I think I will do a workout on my heavy bag tonight.
  3. Awesome I love the idea!! I was actually thinking that would be a neat feature as sometimes I don't have something to say about a thread but I really like whats being said.
  4. Loved this video! thanks for posting it for all of us to enjoy!
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    Boxing, along with many other Martial arts are great ways to get into shape and have some fun while having a chance to release some tension from the everyday shenanigans that you may have to put up with. Just make sure that you have a good trainer or Sensei, that will train you the proper techniques.
  6. Good evening everyone! Well I did a little searching and found a few that maybe MsRad my even appreciate LOL Just kidding. I just hope you enjoy them. I thought that they were a little off the norm but I may be wrong.
  7. Here is a little video from National Geographic relating a bit to this thread
  8. When it comes to such a large area it seems that almost anything is possible. I was just searching on Google images and found piles of full back pieces. Here are a few that stuck out as being really amazing. Enjoy
  9. Wow A long stretch of doing what you love to do! That's great. So many people do things for a living that they hate doing and end up hating everything because of it and have such a miserable time. and don't get to enjoy life.
  10. I was never able to skate that good. I don't know, maybe people who can are just build different on the insides or something. I don't think i had the coordination to be that good. Oh well I had fun messing around on my skate for all those years.
  11. Basically this site WTF Tattoos - Funny & bad tattoos, celebrity and athlete tattoos, babes covers just about all of the tattoos that should be on this thread
  12. Thanks Jake. I've done that before but with golden rod on my foot to see if I was allergic to it. The area stayed red for quite a while. I used the foot because the skin is thin in that area and when it is irritated the red shows up easily. Also if its itchy you will know too. Oh and Khubilai if it is itchy if you test the sharpie this way have some calamine lotion for bug bites handy to help relieve the itch. Healing times of 1 to 2 weeks for scabby flakes and for the shiny skin to go away is the optimal for healing with all things happening just right sanitary and infectious control wise and how healthy your body is at the time you get tattooed. There are many factors that can lengthen your tattoo healing time and who knows just what may have happened with that particular incident that took 4-5 weeks to heal. It may have been something you did not even realize that you did that caused that to happen. (For example, not saying you did this or that it happened, this is just an example, but say you just took off your bandage and washed it as normal, dried it just as normal, went to sleep. While you slept that night your cat decided it a good idea to sleep on your new tattoo and transferred some bacteria form the litter box to your tattoo and got it infected. Now your body has to work harder to remove the infection as well as heal the new tattoo, hence taking longer to heal).
  13. I heard on the radio that Windsor was not going to plow the roads till the storm was done, and for everyone to stay off of them. I will take some pics tomorrow after I am done my clean up of all the snow.
  14. Southern Ontario, Canada got hit last night and all day today. Its still coming down here where I am in Ontario. I dont think I will be clearing any of the snow til tomorrow when its has stopped. Where I am we have lots of open land. The wind is creating huge snow drifts that are at least waist deep all over the place. LOL my horses did not like it outside today (relax, they had their water/windproof blankets on and have places to shelter from the weather) They were very happy to come into the barn at supper time.
  15. Nah don't feel bad its all good like you were saying you get lots of snow, and so do we that's just what winter is about. Although our winter last year had almost no snow at all, that the snowmobile trail people who issue trail permits for this season had to add for an extra $10 (if you wanted) a "snow guarantee" that they were promising at least so much snow fall or you could get your trail permit money back LOL The snow is still falling here and its now 7:00pm eastern time
  16. This is from what we here in Canada have been calling the snow-magedden storm of 2011? LOL I live in a very open area in the country and I have drifts that over waist deep LOL Dragging the horse manure cart through that drift this morning was not an easy task. Is the storm finished yet there in Chicago? Its now 3:20 Eastern time and still snowing strong here.
  17. Try drawing a line on your skin with a sharpie on your foot (somewhere hidden so you can leave it for a day) Watch your skin and see if you get itchy or and redness around the area, then as you wash it off over the period of a few days see if and how it reacts with your skin. If it gets all red (not from excessive scrubbing) and itchy then you might be allergic to one or some of the chemicals in the ink. Sure some of the markers say that they are non toxic but that means you wont die or receive much harm from ingesting the ink. If this is whats happening, You may have to ask your tattoo artist to use the ink pens instead of a sharpie due to your reaction to the sharpie
  18. Good thing this is not Smell-o-Vision LOL. This vid should be on the Tattoo Appointment etiquette Forum for what not to do lol
  19. I am a sheep or ram or goat!! LOL my Parents go celebrate the Chinese New Year with their Tai Chi club they belong to. I hear about it all the time.
  20. Sorry but you may have to dig a bit into the artists portfolio but here is a link to his site. check out in the portfolio image number 41. I think its an amazing tiger tattoo. | Steve Peace Tattoos | Calgary, Alberta
  21. Hey Deb I was having issues with loading pics for my Gallery. turns out it was the size of my pics they were too big. I had no idea how to re-size them and save them at that size. After messing with it for a long time I had figured it out using preview on my older operating system but I think it would work just the same on a newer OS X version, if they haven't fixed that issue of difficulty on changing the pic size.

  22. Hey Everyone. I would love to add my good client behaviors that I do while I am at a shop getting tattooed. -A shower beforehand is a definitely a must. Got to smell good but not coated in a bottle of cologne, put yourself in their shoes. -Eat a nice meal not too heavy just enough to keep you satisfied, Nuts are a good just before snack (if your not allergic). -Go to the washroom beforehand, or use the one at the shop before you start. -Follow the artists instructions. Some areas of your tattoo are going to hurt and your body will flinch weather you want it to or not. So the artist will need to get into a rhythm so they can work with your bodies reactions to the tattoo. -Sit still, and don't watch the clock. Don't rush your artist. -If you cant see whats being tattooed wait till breaks to have a look, if your limb goes numb that's being tattooed heck all the better not as much pain LOL again wait till a break to get some feeling in the limb. -Tip your artist. They do more than you think when it comes to your tattoo. They are working on it all the time even when they are not at the shop, always thinking on what needs to be done and how to execute your tattoo with flawless precision. Treats or gifts are also cool but not as an every visit thing.
  23. I had got my first tattoo while I was away. Due to it being on my forearm it would be hard to hide, so I said nothing till I got home. I just said well I got a tattoo and I dont think its going to be my last. Well needless to say my Mom was not impressed more so she was disappointed in my decision. Well to give her credit, at that time she was teaching in a penitentiary and all the convicts were tattooed and that's all she knew about tattoos. Each time I get another one she says "I hope this is going to be your last one" to which I always reply "You never know what the future will hold". My dad did not say much other than did it hurt? and why did you pick that image? Other than that he does not seem to mind them. I just don't really bother to say when I get more work done just let them notice and they can say "is that new?" and at that point I show them whats being worked on. Back while I was living at home they never kicked me out of the house for it or anything. Just made sure I was not going to put a tattoo in a location that may hinder future employment. (hands, neck or face).
  24. When I started dating my wife she had no tattoos and I had only one at that time. She liked it and I did not mind that she had none. I did not mind if she wanted a full suit or not, it did not matter to me. She also was aware that I would be over time, getting many more and she was ok with that. Now I have a nice start to my collection of tattoos and she does as well. LOL its funny because we now get appointments booked for the same day by the same artist and make a day of it LOL. (I couldn't ask for better) :)