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  1. I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which makes wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. I still have some left though unlike my partner who went bald!
  2. Hello! Whenever I come across the name Mina, I think of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  3. I have another one of those shitty postgrad essays to write...
  4. I just saw my niece take her first steps :)
  5. I've had intense transient nausea during a session. I hadn't had enough food either, so it may be related to that after all?
  6. Can I ask why you would do that to yourself?
  7. I got 1 out of 119, and it was q.1, "you think you're not basic". Yup.
  8. College Humor Star Wars Musical Auditions Weird Al | The Mary Sue
  9. HARRY POTTER BERTIE BOTTS 20 FLAVOUR BOX | United Sweets I tried Black Pepper, my daughter tried Soap, and my wife just about spat out Rotten Eggs No one is game enough to try Vomit.
  10. Cinco de Mayo then?
  11. I can't believe some asshole would do that to her. I'm so sorry. I wish you and her all the best from here on in.
  12. ...and also with you
  13. Okay it's super itchy now, heh. I expected that to happen before the scabbing flaked off, not after...
  14. Oh yeah... good point :-) Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  15. I hope they are labelled as such :p
  16. It arrived today. It's awesome! Thanks @Graeme and @DJDeepFried for the recommendation!
  17. It's not itchy though. Still tender. But super peely/flaky.
  18. Hello fellow kiwis I believe your post should go here: Tattoo Shop Openings and/or Guest Spots | Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Collectors | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  19. Now it's flaking -everywhere- :)
  20. Aww I'm touched you thought of me, thank you! It's still tender and red, but increasingly less so. The redness on the half of the tattoo closest to the body has gone yellow, so I guess it was bruising. The other half is still catching up! It's getting really tight and tingly, the precursor to scabbing/itching maybe?
  21. Doubtful... as far as I know there's been nothing in Auckland since 2007... :( Early next year there will be one in Hamilton though... not too far to travel...
  22. An Utterly Gorgeous Bioshock Tattoo They can't find an artist credit, which is a bummer.
  23. Thanks @misterJ - I was a little nervous about infection but at the same time my rational nurse-brain was kicking in, saying "you don't have a fever." I just didn't really know what to expect, I think. I knew it would be red, painful, and weepy, then scabby and itchy, but wasn't sure about time frames and certainly didn't expect to feel 'hit by a truck' the day after. Oh well- now I know for next time :cool:
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