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  1. Hello everybody It's been a few years since last being an active poster here at LST. Name is Kye. Good to see that it's still an active place to talk tattoos. Funny that most of the top posts are still there when I left. Hope I can help the new wave of users we have here. Cheers
  2. Well you seem to be getting many great pictures, but if you would want to more I asked my wife what those beads are called in Japanese, and received the answer of juzu. So just image searching juzu irezumi on good brought up some good/bad results. the kanji for it is "数珠刺青."
  3. I can't believe that no-one has mentioned true love yet, a great tattoo show from Italy. Great tattoos, no drama, and a good host that is getting tattoos as the show goes on. It's too bad that was short lived.
  4. I'm in, that way I can have two different squidpants to wear.
  5. @9Years Before I started my backpeice I talked with my tattooer about what would go best with what I had already. Had a few ideas about what I would want and he said all of them would fit relatively well and wouldn't say one is better then the other. He told me to think it over and which one I wanted. I settled on Monju bosatsu, cause it would work with the space I had available. While the other tattoos would look fine, they would look best when done down to the mid leg area, and I only had till the end of my butt. So it was just talking it out with my tattooer and having a few ideas in my head. I just wish I would have started my backpeice first. Which in japanese tattoos is the normal approach, back, arms, chest, ribs, legs.
  6. Probably not needing to answer your question but I will. You can just say "karajishi." Cause you really don't pluralize things in japanese.. You would just say like "karajishi futatsu ni arimasu" (karijishi two I have)
  7. Thank you for posting that video. You've interrupted my LoL addiction, well for a little bit at least.
  8. To be honest it depends on many factors with how long color will last. It could vary from artists skill, pigment used, how it healed.... etc. Who are you wanting to get tattooed by?
  9. I was thinking something like that but I'm planning to go to Spider Murphy's. So my tattoo funds are taken. Great idea thou.
  10. Well dang, I was hoping i wouldn't have to wonder around another airport for a bunch of hours. But O' well.
  11. CaptCanada


    Well next week I'll be flying to california, but I have a 7 hour layover in Seattle. Is there anything close enough to do, or should I just stay at the airport?
  12. Yeah, best wishes to both of you. Hope for a quick recovery. And congratulations on the 6 year mark..... But you guys have grand kids, so I assume you've been together for longer.
  13. From what I've learned is that the first few washes are the most important. If it's in a location that's easy to wash I can get minimal peeling and no scabs, where as if it's a hard to reach place (upper back) get noticeably harder healing. It seems too me, dry or with creams, the first few washes is what gets a clean heal.
  14. He doesn't really do the traditional system. His style is 45 minute sessions, but in normal cases most horishi do tattoos in 2-3 hour blocks. But for him if you want more then those initial 45 minutes you need to schedule 2 sessions Ina day and they most likely wont be back to back.
  15. Yeah I know man, I'll ask him if it would be cool come in and watch some of his clients. Sometimes my phone makes me look like I'm dyslexic or something.
  16. I wish I could hang out at a tattoo studio all day... but alas I can't, much of a private studio. BuBut i will be able to do all the touristy things I've never done.
  17. This summer will be a great one for me. After this Saturday I'll be quitting my job after 7 years. Finally going to be awake during the daytime. Then next week Duffa has plans to come up to Tokyo for the first LST Japan meet up. Then in July I'll be in sunny California/Arizona for vacation. Will be starting a new area of my bodysuit as well. Probably my right leg but could be arms.
  18. Thanks y'all, I had thought about getting it done there and here. If it wasn't in such a spot I would just leave it. It will be either covered by background (Japanese) or a snake depending on how my torso will be drawn.
  19. Please this was late 80s early 90s and from a pack of crayolas. Sorry for the thread derail.
  20. Nice, My sister got sent back a year cause she was color blind and couldn't tell the difference of Indian red and brown. Let's just say her 1st grade teacher was a bitch.
  21. I have a BMW roundel on my chest that I'm wanting removed. Planning on taking a trip back home and see about getting one session or if time allows it two. Does anyone have a recommendation in Sacramento would be best but bay area is also good. I know more sessions would be best, but I can't afford prices here in Japan (about 100 per 1x1 cm) and don't go home to often. Going to cover it up so I'm not looking for total removal.
  22. Just keep at it. I hope you don't get discouraged by your first few posts.
  23. @Perez things like that always make me imagine a world where some dude can get a throat tattoo that says chicken fucker, and when people ask him about his he tells them he went to prison and people heard he went there for bestiality. Then forged him to get that tattoo.
  24. Welcome Dan, we've got a few people from that area of the world. I myself am from Yuba City, but currently in Japan. Who have you been tattooed by?
  25. I know it's selfish but I wait until the ending of the month to cast vote..... I need to see what this month brings.. but it looks awesome so far.
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