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  1. its the artist's right to get recognition (and enthusiasts would love such information), just dont do it during a match, fuck that be outrageous
  2. yeah.. could be a tattoo artwork to hang on my wall, but it wont be the same - - - Updated - - - dont matter what style the black the tone will gone.. they say
  3. sadly thats the bottomline i heard so far
  4. thats my problem, toshiba age better than tats
  5. no, there is no need for the knowledge, just some hard proof that they hold up
  6. Fellow pure black work admirers.. I wonder if any of you see the same problem as me B&G is what draws me to get a tattoo, but real life B&G ive spotted on the street, court, gym, bus, tube made me cringe (this is not about design its about pigment vs epidermis problem) i assure you that all amazing artist has nothing to do with this. Those B&Gs turn dark green/blue which removes completely its charm (don't ask me to put some pics on, you know damn well what i mean). To my taste by the end of first year only B&Gs with balanced negative space within the piece could retain its
  7. - - - Updated - - - indeed and i thanked them - - - Updated - - - the day job remember?
  8. Asking for a reference is one thing, and you got an answer. Implying that we be your research bitches is another. Didn't I said key word was what I was looking for BEFORE going through the forum? it helps trimming down the hours don't you know?
  9. Thank you, ive been around few big shops in London no artist got enough time to explain these research things im just looking for a style that last, after knowing and seeing for my self that colors change over time. Thank you
  10. its just a way of saying that lifetime saving for something that fades is ridiculous
  11. "...there isn't anything being done today in tattooing that changes the very nature of our skin and epidermis..." (shit) - - - Updated - - - No intention to hijack this thread but ive done that and for $500 i am looking for something that stays good
  12. i was trying to fish out the key word before going through the forum threads, i have to keep my day job beside doing research, is that weird to you? - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Thank you Thank you Thank you :)
  13. Thats generous definitions lol thanks can you please include some of the best names in that garbage style? thanks again - - - Updated - - - Thank you, I am looking for enduring types of tattoo, not those which are losing dimension and details and became flat or mushy after a few years. What style you suggest (beside traditional) then? Thank you :-)
  14. Hi everyone, im sorry if this style is out of context, Pin by junior parede on tattoos | Pinterest can anyone tell what's it called? or share the link to a thread in this forum to that style of tattoo? Thank yous
  15. junior


    Hi everyone I'm junior looking to get my very late first tattoo been lurking images for years and recently researching as much as i could before getting one :)
  16. Hi everyone.. i'm new here and this thread coming out of Google search brought me to this forum. Thank you for all the valuable comments :-) Cheers
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