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  1. If the clover means something to you then you should keep it. If you think it needs to be covered, cover it. You're the one who lives with it day in and day out.
  2. Contact your artist and tell him nicely that you would like to get something else. Explain that it's not the quality of the tattoo but the subject. The artist may be a little irritated due to the work he/she has put in it. More than likely they'll be a lot less irritated than if you went to someone else to get the cover up.
  3. The tattoo itself looks to be healed. Was this done in a shop? If so, by a seasoned artist or apprentice?
  4. The artist should've kept the lines outside of the actual heart shape. It does look a little crowded. Other than that it's a good tattoo. Some color shading around the beginning of the lines might make it look a little bit more like what you wanted. These are just my personal thoughts. I wasn't there so I don't know how the communication between you and the artist was. You don't happen to have a picture of the stencil or the stencil on you before she started tattooing?
  5. I would ask the artist and wait. I would be pissed if someone got a touchup by another artist without asking. I'm not a jealous tattoo artist but there's just some things you don't do unless they're cool with it. It's kind of a personal thing. Some artists would look at it as "well good, that's less work I have to do" but I like to take care of all of my customers.
  6. With most of my tattoos (some heavy shading, some with just linework) The best results have been with: Once the tattoo is complete, clean with greensoap, spray a little bit of bactine, then wrap in saran wrap. Or just wash with greensoap, dry, then wrap. I leave the wrap on until the next morning. Once the wrap is taken off, I keep it clean and dry sometimes applying a small amount of A&D. I have never re-wrapped and don't plan to. On the third day or so I start using Lubriderm/aquaphor/curel etc. while still washing 2-3 times a day. Everyone heals differently so the one-size-fits-all afte
  7. I had my knuckles done about a year ago. Not much can really top those for me. Near the ankles isn't very fun either.
  8. I had used tegaderm for a piece on my leg a few months back. The tattoo had some heavy shading so keep that in mind. The tegaderm was applied right after cleaning when it was finished. I had left it on for a day. There was a good bit of plasma/blood/ink buildup so I took it off to clean it after 24 hrs. I replaced it with a new tegaderm and left it on for about two days. After that I removed it and returned to regular cleaning regiment. (wash with opticide 2-3 times a day and apply a small amount of moisturizer afterwards) For some reason it still scabbed up heavily. This tattoo was right abov
  9. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind
  10. Find a reputable professional artist who perfects the styles you would be interested in. Set up a consultation and talk it out. If you choose the right tattoo artist you can't go wrong. You will be more happy with the outcome if you let the artist have freedom with the piece. Just give a rough idea of what you'd like to have on your skin for the rest of your life. - - - Updated - - -
  11. Does anybody have any advice on subject matter for the ten posts? Do they have to be questions, random, facts, advice etc.?
  12. thank you for your interest. Let me know what you think.
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