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  3. It takes 4 - 6 weeks to heal a tattoo. Don't overthink it. You know that rough/dry patches are NORMAL during the healing process, right?
  4. As @scottyg said, that location is difficult to heal. Just keep it clean and let it heal. That's what I did for both of my arm ditches.
  5. This artist isnt new school, but seems to do comic books, video games, pop culture and realism. Tattoos out of Palm Springs area in Southern Ca. I wish I was Into the above themes for tattoos, I’d want to get tattooed by him.
  6. Update on healing: Been a week since I’ve removed Dermalize and was a bit worried. Seems to be healing alright looking at it. The nose area where it is shaded and right side of the hat (in picture) still seems really rough to touch and it’s a lot drier then the rest of the tattoo. I’ve been washing twice a day (quick wash morning and night) and applying a small amount of hustle butter 2-3 times daily. - any tips or idea of the rough/dry patches? Forgot my hustle butter today so whilst at work I’m going to have to use a bog standard Nivea moisturiser.
  7. Yeah wait the 6 months mate, don’t rush in to getting a touch up you will regret. - He has space for a reason; Either he has a cancellation or he isn’t that sought after
  8. Yeah. Personally I think I’d wait the 6 months ...
  9. The younger's work is definitely a bit cleaner. And more artistic.
  10. Here you go, not sure if I am allowed to link to websites I may not get in with this guy for 6 months, his father can get me in on the 14th so booked in then for a initial design work and extended consultation. His fathers work (bottom) is more traditional
  11. I'd say it's just a bad-ish scab, given the area it's kind of to be expected, with all the natural movement that occurs there. Not hot or painful is a good sign. I'd just keep *lightly* moisturizing it, and let the body heal itself. You'd be amazed. And if necessary you can get it touched up later.
  12. I am the original poster
  13. hi guys I got a tattoo 9 days ago im not sure whats going on. It doesn't hurt or feel hot just looks weird, I have alot of tattoos but this is the first one in this area
  14. very cool, and it's great to see you back here.
  15. Hey all, haven't been around for a while but I did go through another shading session with Chad on the big bat that I thought I would share.
  16. Got this guy from Scott Harrison last Sunday. Aside from the dope tattoo, I also got some great stories. If you're anywhere near the PNW, you should make your way to Portland and get work from this legend before he re-retires!
  17. post up a link to the new artist's work!
  18. Some good news, found a artist who will take the work on, I will have to accept a compromise on the original work. But he is going to extend it as a half sleeve and hide a lot of the inconsistencies. Estimated around 6-8 hrs work. It will be two sessions, first one will be the 14th after a cancellation opened up a slot. I was offered a full cover up, but it would be a very dark piece which I don't really want. The original artist has now offered me a full refund, while it helps its still not a great situation.
  19. Warriors and Gangs of New York are both iconic movies IMHO and I don't think you'd go wrong with either. Bill would probably be recognized by more people since it's a newer flick... if that kind of thing matters to you.
  20. Hey I am not offended in anyway, taking any and all advice i can
  21. That won't work. Tattoos don't work like that. There are NO do-overs. Even getting it lasered doesn't completely remove it. If someone suggests that, run Forrest, run! I don't mean this in a condescending way, but you need to educate yourself on the tattoo process, the coverup process and the laser process.
  22. Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver.
  23. Sorry - new school isn't a style that I personally pursue, especially from the other side of the U.S. In Houston it would be Nate Beavers, and he's a good communicator. Send him an e-mail and ask his opinion about L.A.
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