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  2. Well, the rose was done pretty good, then don't see a reason not to. It would look the best as if both roses will be close looking to each other.
  3. Kim

    Is my new tattoo bad?

    Great thanks. Should I still get another red rose by the same artist?
  4. I am from Israel so let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Can even try and help with the design.
  5. Today
  6. I'd be happy to go straight to an artist, but that's a lot of ifs. Finding an artist who can do what I'm looking for in the language who works in a style I'd be happy with is a challenge I'm genuinely ignorant of how to get past. That's part of the reason I'm interested in the website, as the designs are specifically made to be tattoos and not just standard design. As for something like going to Israel, I just don't have anywhere near the money to do something like that (I'm in Seattle).
  7. Not to pry, but why are you looking to cover up a sacred tattoo? I would think doing so would be forbidden.
  8. scottyg

    Waiting Time

    this sounds like the beginnings of tattoo addiction... welcome to the club.
  9. Amit Levy

    Waiting Time

    Until next month you gonna be all good. As long as they are not huge pieces and your body heals well there is no real reason not to. Share some of your new art with us 🤗
  10. VenomX

    Waiting Time

    Is it best to wait until the current tattoo(s) has healed before getting another ? I had my first tattoo two weeks ago, and my second one last week. Considering getting a bigger one next month thanks
  11. Yeah. Nevermind trying to get it done in 1 sitting. 1st = that's a real sensitive area for most people and 2nd = it's a highly visible area, so go for quality, not bargain.
  12. @Hogrider is right - but am I missing where you're located?
  13. Something about that sound of that is really quite atrocious....
  14. I think it looks great ! DW about it
  15. $750 for a detailed forearm tattoo is not being ripped off.
  16. Ditch whoever told you the lifework was bad. It's not perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect tattoo. That's a real dick move, trying to ruin your tattoo for you. Enjoy your tattoo, it looks fine.
  17. Don't pay for a design. Find the artist who can make the design. Designing art that works as a tattoo is not the same as making a good design. There are a lot of things that an artist needs to take into consideration that someone designing on paper doesn't need to worry about. Even if you find someone to design it, then you've got to find a great artist willing to put it on you. Script is one of the most difficult, unforgiving things to tattoo. Take your time. Maybe look for some Israeli tattooers that will be visiting the states, or take a trip to Israel.
  18. I agree 100%. You're much more likely to F*** it up than fix it.
  19. Nothing to worry about there. Let it heal. Right now it’s just a scab.
  20. It doesn’t have to be animals or birds or geometry at all. If Owls represent wisdom, think of other things that can represent other aspect of life that you want to represent. Strength, resilience, cunning etc. You could use animals to represent these things or any other images that you feel represent things in your life that you want to keep in the forefront of how you live your life. Get creative and research images that can represent things that are important to you. The geometric shapes could serve as an excellent way to tie all of the separate images together.
  21. There are a couple of shaky lines on the innermost heart that surrounds the paw print but it isn’t anything that can’t be touched up. Don’t freak out. Let it completely heal for a few months and go see another artist that can thicken the lines up just a touch. The locket itself and the rose look fine to me. The rose “could” use better shading for a more 3-D effect but the foundation is good.
  22. Well, there is no one answer to it, as every artist's pace and amount of details and layers of ink can vary a lot. One could finish all this area in 6 hours and other would have given it 4 sessions. As I see it, most of the times fast doesn't mean good, and if I were you I would have looked in order to find an artist that you really fall in love with his works and suffer whatever time needed in order to get your perfect tattoo. With the right hand this piece can be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  23. I recently was considering a tap out session for a Japanese style sleeve. The fine folks here talked me out of it. First, 9 hours is a LONG time to sit. I’ve had 2 sessions on my sleeve so far and the last session was about 2 1/2 hours. Toward the end I had, had enough. I’ve sat through longer sessions in the past but I had forgotten just how taxing getting tattooed is to your body. Second, 9 hours is a long time for the artist to maintain the level of concentration that you probably want them to maintain to do the absolute best job on your work as possible. I know that from a money perspective, the tapout session seems like the way to go. But I have learned that you typically get what you pay for (in life and in tattoos). I don’t want to talk you out of doing the session but I just wanted I give you another perspective to consider. My current artist typically does 2-3 hours at a time. It works best for him and for me. Each session is easier to pay for for me since it’s not a huge chunk of money all at once. And the shorter sessions keep the artist fresh and unfatigued as well.
  24. Hey all. I am having ink withdrawals haha as you know the ink thirst is real. I was looking at sitting a tapout tattoo session that's 9 hours. So I am currently planning on finishing my existing neck tattoo (maori/polynesian) and want it to run downwards on my chest area to right above my cleavage area. I know that theres alot of detail that goes into polynesian & Maori tattoos but I want to know realistically how big I can go or how much I can actually get covered with that much detail in a 9 hour time frame. I dont want to get to 9 hours tapout time and not be finished. Please help. Screenshot is an example of the area that I want covered. Other pic is of my existing neck tattoo.
  25. Hey, so I've never gotten a tattoo before, and the culture and process is entirely new to me. I want to get a somewhat intricate tattoo in Hebrew, and unfortunately finding artists is difficult. Even if I can find a graphic artist fluent in the language, they're generally not comfortable with designing a tattoo for various reasons. The best source I can find is , but while I can find photos of their work online I can't actually find reviews. If I'm going to be dropping some real money on getting a design, I'd be a lot more comfortable knowing if they're good. So I guess I have two basic questions: Is there some specific way to look up their work that I'm just missing? Can I trust their reputation? And conversely, Can anybody recommend tattoo designers who know Hebrew? Any help would be appreciated - thanks.
  26. Tattooers charge what they charge.Some charge more than others,it doesn't mean they are ripping you off.I get tattooed by people I know are good and I don't care what they charge,I just pay it and I tip well.I get good tattoos.
  27. I finally got my memorial tattoo to honour my cat. Red rose, heart locket with her paw print inside. I have been told that the line work on the locket is bad. I am now freaking out as I spent a long time planning this tattoo and researching an artist that wouldn’t screw this up for me. Also had negative comments in the rose but mainly the locket. I was going to go back for a second session, to add an additional red rose under the locket but now I am having second thoughts. Can my tattoo be salvaged?
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