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Paul D

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I'm a director/producer, making music videos & films.

I'm based in London and have an interest in photographing tattoos.

Some of my tattoo pics, music videos, etc are posted on my blog


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@Paul D join the queue. Everyone wants to take pictures of tattoos. It doesn't add credibility to your intentions that you focus on the 'freakish' aspect of tattoo conventions. The few mentions of tattoos on your site/blog make me think you maybe never considered the concept of a 'good tattoo'.

Yeah, The magazine @Iwar mentioned and anything they touch, is a crock of shit. If you're trying to 'break into' tattoo photography/documentaries, you chose the wrong door.

As a rule of thumb, high quality tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts/collectors don't take kindly to tourists.

I like your music photography though.

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Hey Paul D, I'm going to assume that while you may have the best intentions you also may be blissfully unaware of suffering from the tourist affliction that's been mentioned.. Taking photos of tattoos is about as much of a "thing" as having tattoos and getting your photo taken; kinda neat, somehow (still??) kinda "in" and for those of us that either have tattoos or make a living tattooing, kinda confusing. I'm sure you didn't mean to walk in and offend anyone, but for now I'd spend my time treading lightly and simply browsing through the threads and interviews. Lots of great content on here and some incredible resources. Good luck!

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