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Hey I'm Ridge. I work in Tucson at Metro Tattoo and have been in the industry about 5 and half years. I did an apprenticeship for almost two years and have been working full time since then.

Pretty stoked to be a part of this community and thanks in advance for everything.

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Thanks for joining and taking the time to set up your profile with pics and all......enjoy the tattoo forum

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I dig that cobra in your gallery! Welcome, and thanks for sharing.

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    • Sounds like you're looking for more dark and abstract imagery. Find a really good black and gray (I assume) artist who specializes in this sort of thing and let them go crazy. I'll give some suggestions to give you ideas of what's possible. Don't expect to get in with these guys any time soon, most of them are legends booked years in advance. We can give more specific artists to check out if you tell us roughly where you live.

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    • No tattoo artist worth his salt is going to just tattoo this on you. You need to give him your ideas, and let him draw it. Please, please, please listen to us. I don't want you to end up with a big old mess on your back.
    • Would love a big piece from one of these guys someday.... Thomas Hooper Nissaco Gerhard Wiesbeck Ivan Hack Evgeny Kopanov
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