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Hello to all. Ran across the sight tonight and thought why not.

A former Marine in my early 40's and glad to be alive at this point.

I am not new to tattoos as I have several and am currently working on an arm sleeve and leg sleeve. I just sat for my second 12+ hour session that started above my toes on the left foot and to my knee and completely wraps around leg. It is a very colorful tattoo with lots of detail. It is a Pheonix rising from the ashes engulfed in blue and orange flame with a large star on the calf

I can hardley put weight on my left leg today as I think my session was a bit to long.

Anyway, I'll get some pics up and I appreciate you having me.



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Awesome work man! 12 hours? It seriously blows my mind how someone can stay under the needle for that many hours.

Thank you. The artist who is a close friend is booked for months so he is working on me in the shop on his off days when his shop is closed, as I am funny about being stared at by people that are price shopping anyway. Ironically, I was honorably discharged from the USMC and soon there after was in a near fatal accident involving a school bus loaded with kids that ran a stop sign around 46mph. The pain is negligable considering my injuries and he is excited to work on me. This makes it very comfortable for us to relax and solve the worlds problems.

Thank You again.

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