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Hi! Inserting my newbie intro right here. =)

Sarah Jinks Douglas

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I'm Sarah, known at the shop and by alot of my friends as Peeps. I have always been in awe of the art of tattoo. When I was 26 I finally got the nerve in the midst of a nice little quarter life crisis to get my first tattoo. I whined, cried, screamed like a little brat getting the ugliest black heart outlined in pink and dripping 'blood' on my ankle LOL. I didn't give up though and finally met some awesome new friends in the business, a few good artists and I got some more pieces. Most have been much better experiences.

I decided with the amount of time I was spending at the shop, my appreciation and love for the art and business, and my creativity that being a tattoo artist was something I wanted to do. I haven't felt so 'right' and 'natural' with anything in my life beside mothering my daughter. Like I have finally found a niche, something I DESIRE to do, be around, be associated with. I was offered an apprenticeship a few months ago from my friends at the shop I hung out at. I'm still a ways out from being in skin and do not at all intend on pushing that- I won't touch it til I KNOW I'm ready.

I hope to make friends, branch out my ideas and knowledge and enjoy an art I adore so much while I'm on this forum!

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