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ATTN: Marine Corps Tattoo Grammer issue?


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As an ex-force recon Marine, this kind of hits home a bit. In the last couple of years, marines have ween using German translation for normal English terminology. For instance,"teufelhunden". This is what has been translated for the term "Devil Dog." But in actuality, the proper use of the term is spelled as "Teufelshunde" In German grammar, a compound noun is always a single word, so using two words "Teufel Hunden" is grammatically incorrect. The correct German would be Teufelshunde in nominative, genitive, and accusative cases, and Teufelshunden only in the dative. In either form, the linking element "s" steps between the words.

Either way, who's gonna argue? LOL. Its only an "S", but its kind of cool to offer the knowledge of them having a choice, if ya know what I mean.

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