Hi, Looking for an artist in NYC area for a dogwood tree tattoo

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Hey, I am looking for the right artist for the work I want to get done. I have wanted this tattoo for a long time but I don't want to just go to any random person to get it done. I would like a flowering dogwood tree on my back and arm. I live in CT and could travel only to somewhere in the Northeast for this. My GF is also looking for an artist but she is more open to her art, she just wants it to be something natural. Basically we are both more interested in finding the right artist who can do our work in a style we love.

Thanks so much!

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1. Use the internet to find a tattooer in your area that you like.

2. Go visit them in person and talk to them about your idea.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you find someone you want to tattoo you.

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There are a number of good shops in NYC. I suggest coming down for a day and visiting a few.

Invisible NYC

Saved Tattoo

Daredevil Tattoo

Adorned NY

Thicker Than Water

and that is to name a few.

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Hope Gallery has some of the most talented artists in CT.Do you want the tree to be done realistically?

Nautilus Tattoo Coniah,David,Jose,& Chloe

Chloe @ Nautilus Tattoo : Home | Blueprint Gallery

colors art space Alex. Hector Cedillo

http://brilliancetattoo.com/ Lou Jacque : tattoos, art,illustration,music Flying Tiger Tattoo

Wow, thanks so much, I really like Lou jacque's work! I really enjoyed going through the websites so much good art.

As for the piece I am looking to get I would like it to be pretty realistic if not a little mystical looking.

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