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Hello from Kentucky


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Hello everyone,

I got my first tattoo about 20 years ago in Hobart, Tasmania. I have been waiting many years to have the time and resources to do my back and sleeves. I have done a lot of research over the years on what i want and who i would like to do the work. However im still struggling with which artist to use (travel time and expense being the major variable). As for the imagery I spent a lot of time in southeast and southwest asia in the early 90s and want to go with traditional Japanese. I have contacted Rubendall as he is my first choice, however this will require many expensive trips to Long Island. I also really like Kore Flatmo's work and his studio in very close to me. However i havent been able to find many examples of Kore's Japanese work. I would appreciate any advise and perhaps someone knows of a book with more of Kore's portfolio.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, welcome to the forum. Mr. Flatmo has a pretty large fanclub on this forum, but really, I envy you having to choose between him and Rubendall. You'll get amazing tattoos either way, and from what I understand, you'll have a great experience with either as well.

Check out Kore Flatmo's instagram feed for more pictures of his current work and I wish you luck with whoever you end up getting tattooed by.


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Mike & Kore are A level tattooers,and their rate is fair for the quality of work your getting.But if travel time and expenses are the two variables that are holding you back,then go with a B level tattooer at a local shop.Although some people that have work from Kore on here have stated he's an efficient tattooer.

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