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Tattoo Regulation 2013

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Harry Styles' tattoo artist leads campaign to regulate industry as it is revealed untrained tattooists are buying equipment on eBay - with terrifying consequences | Mail Online

You know some of the comments on here will be gold-dust - Exhibit A

"That was shocking! My first tattoo was done at a chaps house and he was very clean and showered before he even got to work on me. I guess I was one of the lucky ones!"

Hopefully, a bit of celebrity and media attention may help...

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Obviously anybody bringing awareness to the perils of "home tattooing" is a good thing, but citing Harry Styles as a tattoo collector when he has a bunch of scratcher/prison grade work is a bit wide of the mark and doesn't help any kind of cause.

And who is Kevin Paul? I've been following tattooers obsessively for some time now and never heard of him...

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You can bet this is less about education than it is about controlling your competition and keeping people out. There will always be sleazy people tattooing out of their apartment and they will always be able to get equipment wether it's regulated or not. There will also always be morons who go to "this dude my friend knows who does sweet sleeves for $200." Frankly I don't feel bad for them at all, they know they are not going about getting tattooed the right way and they will get what they pay for.

Regulations won't change that, they will only create a bunch of flaming hoops for the people who are doing it the right way to jump through.

I have a sign in my office that reads "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." I find that to be true in almost every aspect of life.

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He's just one of those type of celebrities whose presence is so pervasive that somehow he is unavoidable (here, at least). I don't understand how it happens...osmosis I guess is as good an explanation as any.

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    • I went to the original post and pointed out the misspelling. They took the post down and said they were warning me not to reshare it. Yikes. Hope you can get the misspelling fixed somehow, OP. Oh, lord. Now the poor tattoo artist is threatening me with a lawyer. Even though I used her original caption and tagged her in it. 🤣
    • Is that word supposed to be whisper? I hope I am just reading it incorrectly ... 😬
    • No you can't "fix" it and it didn't move. It's ink under your skin, it doesn't move. Calm down and think! Don't tell everyone you know how much it sucks because no one will notice except you anyway. It's not on a piece of paper! Your skin moves and as your skin moves, the ink embedded in your skin will move. That's a nice tattoo. If I was a Tattooer and someone gave me grief about that I'd tell them to take their business elsewhere.
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