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Hey, I'm Joe. I'm from Bristol, UK and I've currently got 4 tattoos (owl on my chest, skull and an' Albion' text tattoo on my left arm and an anchor on my right arm commemorating my grandfather who was in the navy in wwII) but pending manymany more hopefully. Got my first one at 19 in a friends kitchen after a few drinks. Buutt since then have stuck to parlours/studios (although the kitchen went fine... luckily.)

Anyway, i registered here today and thought i'd introduce myself.

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Welcome dude! Where've you gone for your non-kitcheny tattoos?

Hey cheers!

Well i lived in York, UK for a few years and went to a (now closed) studio called Pins and Needles which was really great place, very relaxed. I've also have one done in Singapore on Haji Lane. And the next place I'm getting one done is either in New York or California as i'm doing a big ass road trip from one to the other with a friend in September which i'm very much looking forward to. How about yourself, where do you get the majority of yours done?

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    • Seriously - what are you expecting to get from this site? You already got opinions and advice. You can't fix a letter so what does it matter what letter it looks like? Are you looking for sympathy because you think you got a lousy tattoo, or validation that the tattoo sucks? I'm just not sure what you are looking for.
    • Depends a lot on where, some on you. I had my calf worked on last Thursday. It was miserable. My other calf was easy, I thought Thursday would be a walk in the park.
    • These things do happen; particularly on thin skin. There is nothing you can do about a blow out.
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