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Hey guys

So when I posted about "sales" a lot of you posted back about really awesome promos your shops or local shops had been doing (flash day, the classic fri 13th, daffodiles for cancer etc). Inspired by this our shop actually did a flash style promo day (not a sale lol) that kicked absolute ass (and for me as an apprentice, really got my name out there to our clients) so thank you for the inspiration.

(NOTE: I should mention when i was discussing "sales" there was a shop around here that was advertising 8 hours of tattoos for 500$ or something ridiculous on the an INSANE "sale" using the word "sale" and it was just..tacky and BAD)

While "sales" are something we will never promos like you all had discussed instead are really neat ideas.

Can you guys list any cool "theme day promos" etc you have encountered? We are trying to think up one for june.. and moving forward I have a list of what the months are associated with BUT its really not that any input would be awesome.

:)thanks guys

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