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Hello everyone! Husband and I both love tattoos, regularly make lists of what we would like to work on in the future. I actually found this forum over the weekend when I was googling tattoo inflammation. I sat thru a loooovely 4 hour foot coverup on Saturday and was looking to see if there was anything else to try for the swelling other than what I'd been doing..and then got sidetracked nosing around here.

I have several tattoos. My first was on Halloween right after I turned 18. My best friend and I at the time got matching roses on our ankles. Then I got a dragon on a different ankle side. Then my cousin drew up Tigger holding some daisies for me, and I got that on the opposite ankle side as the rose. Then a purple tree frog on my back left shoulder, and a circlet of daisies around my upper arm. The frog and Tigger are the only original pieces, the other three are just flash out of a book. Then in 2005 I got a couple done on my feet that didn't turn out at all like I'd wanted. This past February I got some cherry blossoms on the back of my neck trailing across the back of my shoulder and down my arm a bit. Then Saturday I had the ones on my feet covered up finally. That was a long and super painful process and not one I wish to do again, so I'm hoping once it's healed it looks great. I can still see bits showing thru, so will probably post it later and get thoughts.

Anyway, that's me!

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