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Good day to the LST community.

After lurking and availing myself of much of what this site has to offer, I felt it was finally time to become a participant.

I got my first tattoo when I was 20. It was done by a girl I was into in her dorm room back in college: a tiny Om on my ankle, and it cost me a pack of Marlboro Lights. I didn't get my next one until my 35th birthday, but it's been a pretty steady deluge of ink since. I think I waited so long to become more heavily tattooed because it took me that long to figure out who I am.

I am a big fan of black and grey fine line work, which represents the majority of my tattoos, and Japanese traditional, as well as some Americanized Japanese. I have a deep respect for American traditional, although I don't wear any in this style as yet. Most of my pieces are images of women and animals, particularly turtles, of which I currently wear four.

Much of my work was done by Willie Paredes at Brooklyn Tattoo in beautiful Downtown Brooklyn, NYC and I wear a gorgeous pin-up by Myles Karr, one of Brooklyn's Three Kings? My current projects are a westernized Japanese back piece from Darren Rosa at Rising Dragon here in NYC, the outlining for which is now complete and I eagerly await shading and color in coming months; and a calf piece done by Forrest Cavacco of Cobra Customs, Plymouth, MA, which is likewise missing color at the moment (although it stands on its own in black and grey). My next piece, a present to myself commemorating completion of my 10th year as a public school teacher, is going to be a portrait of Edgar Allen Poe from Vinnie at Red Rocket. I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in such an art-heavy city where I have the opportunity to be tattooed by such a variety of skilled artists and I am honored to wear their work.

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    • check this out,I love going to conventions,mingle,look,learn.You should go to it.maybe you could get some ideas and find an artist that you like,
    • I'm busy healing my new little addition, I got it on my arm and between the easy spot and the tebori the experience was the easiest to date.  I got a Daruma doll which was one of the two things I originally set out to get anyways, I have some rock climbing goals to reach and if I do I'll get the eye blacked in during the Jacksonville Imperial Arts fest.  Pics in a few days once the eye calms down.  
    • Agree with @Oiocha.  Let it heal and then see where you're at with it. I don't think moving your wrist is going to make it any worse. I recently started working on my first larger scale tattoo and I've definitely been down the over-analyze, stare at it all night path with it. It can drive you crazy especially if you're prone to being a perfectionist. Accepting imperfections is part of the process as I'm slowly learning. As a wise man once said in another thread, "my tattoos are as perfect as I am".  Credit for that goes to @JAC1961
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