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  1. June 22nd, and I gave him the options of either a T-Rex with boxing gloves, a grim goat reaper with tons of eyes, or a velociraptor Buddha. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends down there and avoiding the fire ants!
  2. Haha, that's perfect :), last week I gave them a jingle and scheduled an appointment with Aaron Coleman. It's good to know I was going in the right direction, thanks!
  3. Heya folks, it's been a while :) . I'll be headed to phoenix in June and was hoping to get some work done while I am down there. Any shop suggestions would be awesome :). P.S. I don't have a particular preference towards style. I'll just be getting something small and weird. I hope the community is doing well here!
  4. Heya LST. It's been a while. Just dropping in to say howdy :)20150713_133813 by David Wolner, on Flickr"]20150713_133813 by David Wolner, on Flickr[/url]
  5. Pleadco


    Welcome to the forums :) If you have any pictures of your tattoos please feel free to share. Vancouver, B.C has a ton of great shops!
  6. If you have the image already, it is really your journey to figure out where you want the tattoo. Good advice has already been given. If you aren't inspired to put it on a particular body part, it might be best to wait until it's a more decisive decision.
  7. Hah, I read through the thread ages ago. I should have remembered that.
  8. Resurrecting this thread for the family trip next month. The wife, kids and I will be down in Santa Cruz and San Fran August 5th through the 9th. We're mostly just sightseeing: Alcatraz, the dungeon tour, etc. Although I don't have any tattoo plans I would love to stop by a few shops to say howdy and just sightsee. On to my main question: Are there shops in san fran that have art for sale? As of right now I haven't started collecting prints. Most of my energy has been spent getting tattoos, and now that I am on a little break I can see the value getting prints as a way to appreciate the art and scratch that itch at the same time. Thanks!
  9. Fort Collins was a cool little town. Curtis blazed through our crab-turtle-Ray so I had a ton of time to cruise around.
  10. Just boarded the plane for Colorado to visit Curtis Burgess at tribal rites. Going for a sea creature mashup that we scheduled almost 2 years ago. After this I am officially done for the year. Sad panda.
  11. If the tattoo is healing well I wouldn't worry about an infection. If you start running a fever, have increased swelling in the area, puss coming from the wound, then you have something going on. Like Pid said, I might just be due to how you are holding your body. During this time of year a common cause of muscle aches and cramps is dehydration, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Disclaimer: I am not a Dr., but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night. If symptoms worsen or don't improve in a few days, make sure to follow up with your regular Dr. and or your tattoo artist.
  12. I would just look at it as a critical thinking exercise. Tomorrow we will all watch dr Oz for more practice. Edit: this is a terrific podcast for cultivating healthy skepticism. http://www.theskepticsguide.org
  13. "Natural News" "We polled 300 people in central park." Yeah....what Graeme said. Spurious Correlations
  14. If you want to start in tacoma i would recommend Tsunami, Flaming Dragon, or House of Tattoo. Going from there, aside from the great shops already suggested, http://i.instagram.com/whitneyhavok/ in bonney lake, http://i.instagram.com/woodworktattoo/ and http://i.instagram.com/bomcconaghie/ in poulsbo. http://i.instagram.com/litfusetattoo/ in olympia. You got options!
  15. If you think that they are cliche' or poorly done you can friend this gal up, show her what a decent tattoo looks like, and point her towards LST. It's what tattooed Jesus would do. Maybe she'll broaden her horizons and get different work, maybe not. It is still okay for her to be happy with what she has though.
  16. I get the same comments about the leaves on my arm. I have a Japanese maple in my yard. It's handy when the family comes over and starts making comments about my tattoo. If the debate ever gets technical I can just pluck a leaf off for comparison. I'm waiting for my weed enthusiast sister to bring over a pot plant as a counterpoint. In general though I'll just give the general public who comment a chuckle and let them think I am a stoner.
  17. Most of the random conversations I've struck are with ex-military types who have tattoos themselves. The last was a vietnam vet at costco who rolled up in his wheel chair and hollered a comment about my work. We ended up having a brief pow-wow in the middle of the store. Me checking out his rad, aged work, and him talking up my variety of visible tattoos. I cherish that shit, and it makes the very few negative reactions all the more insignificant. That brief moment to have common ground with a total stranger and share in their experiences.
  18. I've been in a situation where I was told beforehand that a shop takes debit cards, and then after the guest artist finished that day's session, he asked if I could pay in cash for xyz reason. I had to run across the street to the atm, which only allowed me to withdraw a fraction of the total. He graciously accepted what I had with the rest debited. Although I usually just carry cash for the tip, this is certainly something to keep in mind. When traveling abroad it is also nice when the shop accepts debit/credit, as you don't have to mess with exchanging for the local currency. Not to mention crossing borders covered in tattoos carrying a fat wad of cash.
  19. That shininess and sensitivity is all part of the healing process. That's part of having an open wound and then letting the skin repair itself. If you would like deeper clarity into the subject there are a quite a few threads that address what you are experiencing, and how to deal with them.
  20. Plead#1234 is my gamer tag on battlenet. If anyone is on and wanting to smash things in the face, feel free to friend me on there.
  21. Had a brainstorming session with Bobby Tripp via email. Looks like we are going to do a star wars tattoo next january. I can't wait to go back to Black and Blue. It's a good thing I don't live closer to them. I'd be poor, happy, and covered in tattoos.
  22. Dragon age is pretty badass. I'm waiting for Witcher 3. Besides that there has been a lot of hearthstone and heroes of the storm. That's about the only way I keep in touch with my old wow buddies (7 years wow free and counting).
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