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  1. .....but clearly dead as fried chicken! C ya non existing people!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Kaos, I'm a long time tattooer. I working and living in the UK, but I now want to have some changes in my life. I would like to travel for a while. I looking for short or longer term guest spots, preferably in California , but I would consider anything. My specialty is b&g realism, (don't mind color either) and portraits are the real corner of my heart! If you have a shop with a space for an easy going guy, or if you know someone who has a shop, or you know someone who knows someone who knows someone....:) you know what to do! I am planning to make a trip in the s
  3. Hahaha I remember seeing him on tv. Funny, and sad the same time....he's not the only one has no respect for his own body.
  4. There is always a line..as soon as your art can be recognized puts you in a category what others might wanna copy. Hard to put down new things on the table, but that's make an artist good. It's still possible.
  5. If your artist will enter your tattoo for the contest, and win, imagine how awesome feeling would that be! Nothing to lose! :)
  6. I always tell my clients if they ask this question, to go ahead and start pinching around themselves. Where it hurts the most, less likely want to get that part tattooed.
  7. Check out Niki Norberg! Also depends what kinda style you after, he is one of the best b&g realism artist...by my opinion.
  8. It will be only uncomfortable after you stand up from sitting, only for a few seconds...:)
  9. I met him in London a few years ago. He is a really nice person! ;)
  10. Hi everyone! I'm Kaos -that's right, it's a nickname, but pretty close to my real one. I'm a long time tattooer, the reason I registered here is for networking, getting to know more people in the industry, as I feel a bit isolated from the rest of it. I was born and raised in Hungary, but I'm living in London, England, moved here long time ago, but why?!....don't ask...:) I'm coming from an artistic family, so to start tattooing somehow was an obvious step for me. In drawing or painting I was always after replicating my subject as accurate as possible, fantasy drawing, or character design was
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