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Hey guys, I'm Miguel and I live in Portugal. To be honest I mostly joined for advice in this matter..

I've wanted a tattoo for a while now, and only now I've got some money to use in it.

I've pretty much decided I'm getting a wolf claw right under my collarbone, and I'm so into it that I wanna do it right now.

The thing is, it's summer, and on the soon I'm going on a trip which will pretty much 'make me' go on the beach and get sun for a week.

My birthday is coming soon so it would be pretty much a gift to myself :p

I know it's not recommended to do a tattoo in summertime, but my question is, is there any chance I can still get it and not 'damage' it?

I'd be getting it in 2 days and pretty much be super careful in the aftercare, try to do the best I could so it would heal the fastest. So when I'd go in the trip it would have been 15days since I made it (that's when I would start having long exposure to the sun for a week). So I'd apply that mineral sunblock everytime I'd go to the beach (which is pretty much a barrier to the sun, like having clothes on I think..), etc..

So I really want to get it now, but I don't know if it's still possible to do so without "damaging" it, even though I'd follow all the rules of the after care.. What you guys think? Any advice?


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