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Hello from Utah


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Hello everyone, I found this forum googling tattoo forums. I've been looking for a place where i could talk to others about tattoo's as well as look at others tattoo's. I'm a single mom to a wonderful little girl (10 months old) and I live in Utah, but i will be moving to Chile soon. I have 3 tattoo's and 4 more currently planned (pictures will be posted later). My three tattoo's have all been done in different places, more about that will be posted when I post the tattoo pictures, but my tattoo's are the kanji for Tiger in all black, the outline of a maple leaf in red on my right wrist and the outline of the eagle on the back of the US quarter in blue on my left wrist.

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Thank you! :)

Here are two of my tattoo's (I can't find a picture of my first one)

Tattoo number 2 the outline of a maple leaf in red, I got it because I lived up in Canada as well as my mom's dad was born in Canada and he passed away in 2011 so it has double meanings. I got it done at Yonge St. Tattoo's in Toronto, Canada


Tattoo number 3, the outline of the eagle on the back of the US Quarter in blue, I got it because well I'm from the US and it's part of what makes me, me. It was done at Micah's Twisted Tattoo in Layton, Utah


If there is somewhere else I should be posting the tattoo's at feel free to let me know :)

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