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Hey, I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now, and finally this autumn, I wanna get it done. I already have an idea in mind about what it should look like, but I'm terribly bad at drawing stuff myself.

So I've been looking around the internet tryin to find sites or tattoo communities that might be able to help me solve this problem.

Basically I'm looking for creative people who would be willing to help me put my idea to paper so that I can take it to the tattoo artist. Is that how it's usually done ? Can I do that in this forum or are there specialized sites for this kind of requests ?

best regards,


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thanks for the nice answers.

I guess my 2nd question would be the following:

I live in Luxembourg, and we dont have a lot of tattoo artists in the first place and only 1 rather known one, whose work however isnt really the kind of stuff i'm looking for. how do i best find a suited artist ? I guess germany or france would be the nearest to go to and with a higher pool of talent, but I'm not quite sure how to start looking for the right kind of artist. any hints on where to look for tattoo artists in europe and what to look out for when chosing ?

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