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Hello everybody!

Fabio Mendez

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Hello, I'm Fabio Méndez from Santander, small city on the north coast of Spain. Some of you may know me from other forums or social networks, and for the handmade tattoo machines I build. I started tattooing in 1996-97, though I've been more focused on building during the last years and that's what I mainly do now.

I found this forum casually and decided to try it. I haven't checked all sections yet, but I hope to have a good time here, meet a few nice people, and why not, expanding my business.

If interested, you can check my work at my personal website www.fabiomendez.com, my Facebook page, or Instagram.

Cheers everybody!

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They're really beautiful, very clever thing to do with machines. I take it the frames are a bit heavier though?

sorry citattooing, I didn't read this before, I didn't receive any notification of your reply.

if you are talking about the damascus machines, yes, they can be slightly heavier, but just a little. All depends on the thickness of the plate, and I like to keep them not too thick.

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