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Hello Everyone


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Hello everyone. I'm glad I found this forum.

I am still fairly new to the tattoo world, but I love it already. I am a defense contractor and the job gives me an opportunity to travel the world. I have decided to get a tattoo from all or most of the countries I visit. This seems like it will be a good place to find advice on possible shops or artists to visit as I travel around.

So far I have received a tattoo in my hometown of Chicago, and a traditional bamboo tattoo from a monk in Thailand. I will be traveling through Germany, Norway and the Netherlands in September/October. any advice on places to check out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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@TatWorldTour some shops to visit...


sevindevils.de Adriaan-machete.com haltfest.blogspot.com wendyphamart.tumblr.com

electric-circus-tattoo.de dragontattoo.nl fuerimmertattoo.de 1969tattoo.no

anibaltattoo.com checker-demon-tattoos.de cutekarin.com 25tolifetattoos.com

needlearttattoo.wordpress.com corazonsanto.com thisis369.com classictattoo.nl

solidtattoo.wordpress.com lucky7tattoos.no thepreachersson.nl

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