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  1. V&F is awesome! I frequent Blue Flame in raleigh as well.
  2. I just have an arm full of traditional tattoos.. Sleeve? Idk.. I plan on having Japanese on my right arm.. Basically the right arm and peck off a body suit.. I'm a ways off from that.
  3. Had a hand sized rose done on my elbow yesterday, was not nearly as bad as I was told to expect. Was really only marginally worse than my ditch. I will say near the end it was getting a little uncomfortable, even the day after hasn't been bad.
  4. Finally got my elbow done. Was worth waiting, I'm stoked about it.
  5. Man that looks like a killer start!! Super nice!!
  6. Hell yeah!! Now the other bike will be transformed into a track hack!
  7. Well.. I had planned to get my elbow tattooed but got an awesome deal on a donor bike to replace my the engine in my bike that's been sitting. Over July 4th I did the swap and have been ridding every chance I get.. Already squirreling away more cash to get tattooed, until then it's motorcycle time!
  8. Stopped to talk to my artist today but he was off.. I've seen some elbow tattoos where the line work in particular broke up pretty bad, I know where the dude(s) he tattooed and I'm thinking that's issue along with after care in their case, am I thinking along the right lines or are they prone problems because of the area?
  9. That's such a kick ass tattoo, my eye is not drawn to the sig anymore than it would be if it were on a canvas or a sheet of paper. I'm kinda confused as to why the stigma with this(at the customers request/or approval ahead of time). I get staying humble, but not a huge deal..
  10. Ok guys and gals, I have some cash saved up to get my elbow tattooed. I have enough space for a palm size tattoo centered dead on the point of my elbow. Everything I have already is traditional and I wanna stick with that style. Looking for some suggestions for a rad tattoo. I like the idea of a bear head, gorilla head.. I'm going ask my tattooer for input and he will have full artistic liberty but I'm not sold on any one idea. I do want something solid, unlike a spider web.
  11. deadsp0t


    Rad dagger tattoo, welcome to LST :)
  12. Rad tattoos in your gallery and welcome to LST..! I live in central NC and always like seeing and hearing about good artists coming to the state I call home!
  13. If there's one thing I've learned from here, it's that tattoos like this don't need a bunch of banners with script/quotes/sayings. Good solid imagery can do the same thing for minus the daily questions behind it's meaning etc. I have a remembrance tattoo and if I were to do it over I'd drop the banners and script.
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