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Hello From New Hampshire


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I am new to the boards. I have 9 tattoos(was young and they are random) but just recently got into the idea of a sleeve. I love the American traditional style. Got my first traditional (eagle and flag) last year. Will be looking for ideas how to tie that style together into a sleeve. Looking forward to talking to you all.


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Hi Tim welcome to LST.

Which artists do you have work from so far? Have you visited Congress St or Hobos Tattoo in Portsmouth?

I only have gotten some text work in NH. I had it done by Nick at Precision in Nashua. I got my daughters name on forearm and wife's name over heart. My other tattoos were down in various places (Saugus MA, Newport RI, Montreal CA)

My eagle was down down in Miami by Dicky Magoo at Tattoos by Lou. I really like it. My plan is to get a piece down every year down there when I go to Pats-Phins game. I already made an appt with him for December.

I am looking for a local place to do majority of sleeve work though. Does Hobo or Congress St do good Amer. Traditional??

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Hello and welcome. My advice is to go to Hobo's or Congress Street in Portsmouth and talk to them. They'll take really good care of you.

Thanks. I will check out their sites.

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Does Hobo or Congress St do good Amer. Traditional??

yes. the owner Jason Scott does great american traditional. Chad Koeplinger usually visits 2-3 times a year for guest spots and he is awesome. Andrew Stortz is also a frequent guest and does solid american traditional. Check out Tony Sellers' work too.

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Who tattooed you in Montreal? And yeah, Hobos and Congress Street are great for traditional tattoos. I haven't actually been to Hobos but Congress St has loads of really great classic flash all over the walls and you can't go wrong with Jason Scott or Fat Tony there.

God it was ten years ago but I believe it was at Adrenaline or something like that? It was on Sherbrooke. Don't remember the artist's name...

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